A little wedded inspiration

I may not be engaged, as I have said before. Or even in a relationship to lead to a ring. But that doesn’t mean I can’t swoon over some gorgeous things that may or may not make a future appearance at my one-day wedding. ūüôā

Adeline Wedding Dress-$1950-Andie Mcguire


Streamers found on Style Me Pretty

Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings-$38.00- Eldor Tina Jewelry

Strapless lace wedding dress- $1050.00- Grace Loves Lace


i want at least one picture with a sweater

Found on A Well Traveled Woman

Have a wonderful Thursday my lovelies!

‚̧ Amy


Oh Emmy Darling

OK I may be a bit behind on this, but I blame my insane schedule and sickness this last week. So here are some of my favorites from the Emmy Awards Red Carpet. ūüôā ¬†I loved the retro Hollywood glamour that so many of the looks evoked.

I Loved Ginnifer Goodwin’s vibrant¬†Monique Lhuillier¬†gown. Such a different take on line and texture, with such a simplistic silhouette. The perfect combo! Love!

Emily VanCamp rocked this grey pleated J. Mendel gown…simply stunning! ¬†the intricate details make this absoutely gorgeous.

Of course, just about every time I see Tina Fey, I love her gowns she sports on the runway. I love her in this burgundy Vivienne Westwood gown. The beautiful gold embroidery adds the perfect touch of shine to this gorgeous gown.

And last but by no means the least, we have Leslie Mann in my favorite look of the night. ¬†This retro inspired Naeem Kahn gown just pops. I love love love the lacy looking bodice and the bright mango colored skit together. Such a perfect look. And not to mention the pockets and the high bun…. any dress that has pockets is way beyond perfect. And well….I love high buns ūüôā

Good night all!

‚̧ Amy

In that sort of obsessed kind of love

I have fallen in love with Marchesa. Just looking through some of her new resort 2013 collection, makes me fall deeper and deeper, head over heels with the gorgeousness that is Marchesa… Swoon with me why don’t you.

All Photos Courtesy of Marchesa, found on the Vogue Website

Have a lovely night!

‚̧ Amy


Going on a Vintage Hunt: Etsy Obsession

Who doesn’t love some great vintage finds? ¬†I could spend all day at thrift shop or vintage stores even just looking at everything! Today I¬†stumbled¬†upon something amazing! ¬†Aiseirigh Vintage¬†is this great collection of some adorable vintage pieces. I’m talking 22 pages of vintage wonderfulness….I couldn’t even make it through them all!

What I love most about this shop is that she took the time and care to do some beautifully styled shoots with some of her pieces. Sometimes shots of pieces on dress forms are just great and all you need (and she does have a lot of those, and they are wonderfully done!), but these romantic shots take it above and beyond, drawing me in that much quicker. Take a look at these breath taking photos by Purple Tree Wedding Photography.

1960s Crocheted Mod Wedding Dress-$325

1970s Prairie Strapless Dress- $202

Vintage grunge floral 90s babydoll dress- $225

Vintage 1970s Mini Buttercream Dress- $202

Now check out some of these other awesome finds in her shop! Only a small sample of my loves in this shop!

1960s Mod Nautical Dress- $88

Nautical Vintage 1950s Anne Fogarty of Sakfifth Avenue Dress- $202 

1960s Mod Cocktail Dress-$145

1950s Vintage Wedding Dress- $888

Vintage 1950s Coral Novelty Circle Skirt- $1557

And in the spirit of me yearning for fall and winter……

Vintage 1950s  Wool Saks Fifth Avenue Tan Peacoat- $485

Don’t forget! Friday is the deadline for the Lace Shift Dress giveaway! Enter HERE!

‚̧ Amy

You Make me Blush

I have been feeling like a total romantic lately. I love looking at weddings or watching those sappy love movies. I felt like posting a collection of things that make you feel pretty, romantic, or just plain loved.

First off…. just look at this picture.

Now girls…. did you just sigh a little?¬†Admit¬†it. You did.

I have just recently discovered this shop, K & S Bridal. They only have a few items, and just recently opened, but oh deary is their stuff dreamy! I got a little Etsy shop crush going on. Definitely keeping in mind for the future.

Anyways, this is their Bohemian Wedding Dress- $1500

No if you aren’t in that bridal mode…. you can take a gander at this wonderfully amazing skirt from Gilt.¬†

This is the Simone Maxi Skirt from Stella and Jamie, found on Gilt for $99. (On SALE!)

Or take a glance at this dress, also from Gilt

And this is the Cairo Silk Blocked Dress also from Stella and Jamie on Gilt for $105 (also on SALE!)

And I couldn’t help my self, one more beauty from Stella and Jamie……

The Modest Jersey Wrap Dress from Stella and Jamie, pricing between $59-$79 (again… SALE)

Not only is the color absolutely perfect, but it is made of jersey! What more could you want??

Let me give you a little breather, with a few non-clothing items…. but still just as amazing.

Solid Natural Perfume from Illuminated Perfume- $90

Pinwheel Necklace from Clair de Lune Jewelry- $17

And to top all the beauty off we have this…..

Cecilia Dress from uye surana- $595

The mixture of the movement in this piece and the perfected ombr√© effect, this dress is anything but ordinary. I just want to wear this on a windy mountain top, or on a breezy beach, or maybe just in front of a huge fan. Beautiful isn’t it?

Ahh..now go watch Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook. That’s a given.

‚̧ Amy

Etsy Lovin: Schone

While browsing Etsy,  like I normally do, I came across a wonderful special occasion and bridal shop! Schone, owned by Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek in Brooklyn, New York. This lovely lady has some most wonderful pieces that I am just drooling over. I love the simple lines, and the classic looks she has going. So elegant! I got to do a little interview with Rebecca herself to get some insight into what is Schone! Enjoy! 

A: How would you describe your aesthetic/style as well as your designs?
R: I love classic, timeless style- things that look good no matter the decade. I also love clothes that make you *feel* something- be that romantic and bohemian, glamorous and fabulous, or perhaps just chic and low-key… I try to design clothes that don’t wear the wearer, but allow her personality and natural beauty shine through. ¬†A high level of quality in craftsmanship, materials, and fit are also very key to my designs. ¬†Since a lot of them are so minimal, finding the exact right proportions is also really important to me.¬†
So in a few words? I’d say my style is about balance, elegance, and emotion. ¬†When a woman puts on one of my dresses and says “OOOOHH!” and then her friends say “Aww! It’s so YOU!” I know I’ve done my job ūüôā

A: How and when did you get your start in fashion? 
R: I started sewing when I was maybe 4 years old- literally sooner than my foot could reach the pedal (my mom rigged it up on a box for me- and then stood nervously very near by). I remember my first dress was this little floral number with yellow ducks on the straps… My mom was always making things for my sister and me, and I just loved every aspect of it since I can remember. I made my own and some friends’ prom dresses, did tons of reconstruction of thrift store clothes, and even ran a little business making skirts and whatnot for classmates- I wish Etsy existed back then! So I started considering a career in fashion more seriously when I was about 16 and ended up choosing to study fashion design in college (I first went to Drexel in Philadelphia and then transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology). ¬†I worked small jobs in the industry even before college started and continued to work at various companies in NY’s Garment District for the last decade or so. Although I’m a natural born¬†entrepreneur¬†so the way I get to work now is simply the best!
A: Are there any designers you look up to or like to follow? 
R: I really love seeing what other Etsy bridal and contemporary designers are doing. ¬†I feel like¬†independent¬†designers have so much more of a finger on the pulse of what hip, modern women want than corporate giants do. ¬†We’re able to respond faster to customers’ desires than big companies can, and we’re more able to take risks- I think better, more exciting design really does result! ¬†
Of course, I do always look at the runways and also like finding European bridal designers for a fresh perspective. ¬†I love Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Alice Temperly, Jenny Packham, Erin Fetherston, Elie Saab, Delphine Manivet- I guess I could go on and on! I think it’s good to be aware of what is happening out there and see what really works well, but also to continue to trust my own instincts and let fabrics and form speak to me much louder than trends and outward pressure.
A: What are your favorite fibers to work with?
R: Soft silk fabrics are my staple- you just can’t beat how silk feels! ¬†Cotton-silk blends and cotton are also lovely and can make for a wonderful, light gown. ¬†But I’m also just heart-sick in love with really good quality laces. ¬†I love the dimension instant awe-factor they add to a design. ¬†I also have been having fun collecting vintage embroideries, laces, and other handwork that I hope to start incorporating into some one-of-a-kind dresses… So many project ideas, so little time!
A: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
R: My husband and I often talk about moving back to California (I lived there as a kid, he grew up there), although his career is in NY and I am in love with Brooklyn so we’ll see where we end up. ¬†We sure do love those redwoods and Pacific coast! but oh these brownstone streets and NY vibe is hard to get over… Anyway, no matter WHERE we live, I am positive I will be designing still. ¬†I feel like my business now is growing quite organically into my life-long dream business, so if it were totally up to me, 5 years from now I would be operating my bridal and party dress lines out of an adorable storefront space where I could gain more local visibility and create an atmosphere that truly reflects my style and vision. I would also love to have my lines carried in boutiques across the globe and to really establish a strong on-line¬†presence and personality.
Oh and I also want to give my son at least one brother or sister AND be making sure to take time off to travel the world more with my family… Who says we can’t do it all?¬†
A: Is there a certain personal style trend you are into at the moment?  
R: Yes! I am SO happy that maxi dresses and skirts are so all over the place these days! I spent my younger years wishing I had gotten to live in an era when women wore long flowing dresses all the time, so the fact that it’s so in right now makes me very very happy ūüôā
Thank you so much for sharing Rebecca, we LOVE your stuff! Keep creating ūüôā
‚̧ Amy
Ps. If you have any favorite Etsy sellers, comment with their name and they might end up here as well! 

Swing and Bling and a Satchel or Two

I apoligize for my recent absence. I have been insanely busy planning and hosting my sister’s birthday party (great success btw, pics and details to come). This is the first time I have had to sit and really catch up, so it’s going to be grand.

As a girl, I , like many girls, am a sucker for flowy dresses. And of course, you all know me and I love my sparkly accessories. ¬†Of course, who doesn’t love a good satchel or rucksack?? Not this girl! So take a gander… enjoy!

To start, I have found this amazing  little black tutu dress with the adorable Peter Pan collar.  I love the cut and the materials used for this dress! A great little outing dress.

//Little Tutu Black Dress from LalaMagic -$69.99//

And I just adore this Moose locket from August Wrinkle. So simple and quirky and at a good price too! ps. August Wrinkle is full of awesome finds!

//Moosey Locket from August Wrinkel- $12.25//

And of course I had to search Etsy! I found this great shop with amazingly wonderful satchels and rucksacks, made from natural materials. So cool! I love this smaller bag made from waxed canvas and leather….so great!

//Small satchel from Infusion- $107//

This is a great art -deco dress from LalaMagic. I love the fabric!!

//Venetian Art Deco Dress from LalaMagic-$89.99// 

I love love love this vintage Sona watch! This shop is full of awesome and unique vintage watches! So cool!

//Vintage Sona Hand-Wind Vintage Watch from Skipper Bob- $38.00//

I have always been partial to the wonderful items from Ruche, but I just am smitten with this Eva Franco Pleated Dress! Love it!

// Eva Franco Barnaby Pleated Dress from Ruche- $259.99//

Another great bag from Infusion! I LOVE these color and the Mexican fabric. So wonderful!

//Rucksack from Infusion – $185.00//

This is a great simple ring with a gorgeous Lemon colored quartz. I love the simplicity and the color is just amazing!

//Stack-able Lemon Quartz ring from Von Eschna-49.99//

Another great find from August Wrinkle! love the color and the flowy silhouette

//Victoria Dress from August Wrinkle- $38.00// 

Love these citrine champagne earrings I found from Dorota Jewelry!

//Citrine Champagne Earrings from Dorota Jewelry -$32.00//

Hope you all enjoyed and don’t forget to share!

Have a wonderful weekend!

‚̧ Amy

Stylish actuality: the real stylish people, I actually met!

Hello Everybody! Hope your week went¬†swimmingly! ¬†Just a quick reminder that there are only 15 days left in the “In Your Closet” challenge! So if you are scared or apprehensive about your cl0set, well, don’t be! Because everyone has skeletons in their closets, and yours are most likely stylish. ūüėČ Go enter now! Even if you don’t think you will win, it would still be fun to showcase your style! Click here to enter!

So this week was a fun one! First off, I was rushing through Target to get a dress for an event, and I met this lovely girl named Marley! I noticed her bold and cute outfit and just had to introduce myself. This adorable maxi chiffon skirt is from Forever 21, and I just love it! The whole crisp combo of the flowy skirt, with the collared shirt and red lipstick just popped in the Target shoe aisle. Love it! Thank you Marley, for sharing your great style!

So the event I was rushing to find a dress for was the¬†Governors Arts Awards in Phoenix at the ¬†Herberger Theater Center. My sister, Monique from Ouma, and I volunteered with Monique’s cousin to help sell parking passes. So of course I had to take the opportunity to ¬† ¬†showcase the awesome styles I saw there! PS I¬†apologize¬†for the poor quality of photos… my phone strikes once again!

The first person I noticed was this crazy amazing woman crossing the street. I just had to stop her! This is Patsy Lowry, from Paradise Valley. She was one of the nominees for the awards that night and had an amazing and unique outfit! I found out that he made this whole outfit her self! Patsy, you rock and we love your bold style!

Next to the dessert buffet I met Sarah Morgan with the most smart and cute outfit! I just loved the cropped blazer with the adorable green dress. It just all flowed so well together with the short pixie hair style. I loved it all from head to toe! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

Next I spotted Dawn Dobras, the wife of the Shelley award winner Darryl Dobras. She absolutely rocked this Cynthia Rowling gown. This great color popped and was a great pairing with the teal flowered necklace. Love the way Dawn showcased her style!

Finally I met this great lady from Flagstaff, who was donning a¬†centennial¬†dress made especially from recycled fabrics and dresses. I noticed this dress, and just had to ask, because I knew there must be a story behind it. Her name is Holly Gramm and her Arizona themed dress caught my eye with it’s originality and unique design. Her and her husband own a local gallery in Flagstaff and came down, just for the event. Loved your originality Holly!

Don’t forget to submit your entry for the In Your Closet Contest!

Have a wonderful weekend!

‚̧ Amy

Not your typical Red Carpet recap

Since fashion is all about practicality, and wear ability, I devote this post to featuring clothes inspired from those wonderful red carpet gowns! As much as I drool watching the Oscars, or Fashion Week clips, I always think to my … Continue reading