Just A Little Girly

On This lovely Sunday, filled with friends and relaxing, i felt the need to discover some Etsy amazingness. Who knew I would find an AMAZING handmade leather shoe shop from Italy!? I am in love with the Oxfords below, and to go along with their romantic edge….some feminine inspired Etsy finds. Enjoy!

//1>Strapless sweetheart dress-Jennafer Grace-$44 // 2>Sofia Oxfords- Ele Handmade- $172 (love all the amazing shoes!!) // 3>Desert Star Turban Headband-Rum Rasina-$12.50 // 4>Abstractions Aside illustration print-Leigh Viner-$28 // 5>Bike Bracelet-Fabulous Time-$2.89//

❤ Amy

You Make me Blush

I have been feeling like a total romantic lately. I love looking at weddings or watching those sappy love movies. I felt like posting a collection of things that make you feel pretty, romantic, or just plain loved.

First off…. just look at this picture.

Now girls…. did you just sigh a little? Admit it. You did.

I have just recently discovered this shop, K & S Bridal. They only have a few items, and just recently opened, but oh deary is their stuff dreamy! I got a little Etsy shop crush going on. Definitely keeping in mind for the future.

Anyways, this is their Bohemian Wedding Dress- $1500

No if you aren’t in that bridal mode…. you can take a gander at this wonderfully amazing skirt from Gilt

This is the Simone Maxi Skirt from Stella and Jamie, found on Gilt for $99. (On SALE!)

Or take a glance at this dress, also from Gilt

And this is the Cairo Silk Blocked Dress also from Stella and Jamie on Gilt for $105 (also on SALE!)

And I couldn’t help my self, one more beauty from Stella and Jamie……

The Modest Jersey Wrap Dress from Stella and Jamie, pricing between $59-$79 (again… SALE)

Not only is the color absolutely perfect, but it is made of jersey! What more could you want??

Let me give you a little breather, with a few non-clothing items…. but still just as amazing.

Solid Natural Perfume from Illuminated Perfume- $90

Pinwheel Necklace from Clair de Lune Jewelry- $17

And to top all the beauty off we have this…..

Cecilia Dress from uye surana- $595

The mixture of the movement in this piece and the perfected ombré effect, this dress is anything but ordinary. I just want to wear this on a windy mountain top, or on a breezy beach, or maybe just in front of a huge fan. Beautiful isn’t it?

Ahh..now go watch Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook. That’s a given.

❤ Amy