Hey Good Lookin’

Whew! This year has already gotten so hectic, but I am loving it!

So I apologize for the lack of postage. But with February Fourteen just around the corner…lets talk about some lovely items I found for the men  this week!

Grey knitted wool scarf- AndyVeErin- $60.00

Knit Cardigan- Also from AndyVeEirn -$125

60’s Pendelton Coat- a glass jar- $78

waxed canvas backpack- Moop- $234

and finally… don’t these look so cozy!?

Knitted Socks- RG Ideas- $74


Have a good night all!

❤ Amy

Fantabulous No. 5

Number 5 time!

I saw this featured shop on Etsy and couldn’t help but include her in my countdown. her art work is so unique and original…I just love it! The traditional look is what gets me. Not too modern or trendy,  just amazing work! Take a look at Becca Stadtlander of Becca Stadtlander Illustration. 

Hello Baby Card- $3.95

Water Girl Card- $3.95

Have a great Monday! and for those of you starting school today… good luck!

❤ Amy

No. 6:: Sunday Owl Release; drinking mango iced tea and day dreaming

So once again, I was browsing along Etsy and found this amazing shop with some even more amazing rings! I messaged this wonderful seller and happened to score an interview and some brand new photos of some new rings she is about to release! Take a look friends and drool along with me at these gorgeous works of art!

Sunday Owl is owned by the lovely Lisa and operated out of the beautiful state of Hawaii. This shop is our featured number 6 on our Beautiful 10 Countdown!

::Top left:: This is where I weigh the wax models to prepare them for casting. I also weigh the 18k gold casting grain. The gold grain sits in a little owl dish which I purchased from a lovely Etsy shop named One Clay Bead.

:: Top right:: Some of the new rings you can find from Sunday Owl

::Bottom::  Me, my tool cabinet and my equipment (hiding behind the curtain). My dad and I made the tool cabinet that I am standing next to from recycled found items around his house. It is a little wonky and crooked, but I just love it. The clay pottery on top of the cabinet is from another Etsy shop Darrielles Clay Art.

How did you get started making jewelry?

It was quite a journey. I went to art school in NYC, graduated with a fashion degree and worked in that industry for a little while. It was time for a big change, packed my bags and headed back to Hawaii where I am originally from. I knew that I wanted to try something different and I had always wanted to be a sculptor, but what would I sculpt? I absolutely love rings and rustic vintage items. I am not sure how, but this lead to me to lost wax casting. I read everything I could find on this subject and was fascinated with the history behind it. I decided that this was for me and signed up for a casting class at our academy of arts. I was in love with this process. I love the imperfections and unpredictability of torch casting. I’m that girl who loves included stones and porosity on gold, they’re so much more interesting to me.


What in your everyday life inspires you? 
Simplicity. The world seems to be going a little too fast for me. I love all the simple things. Birds, stars, the moon, my rusted vintage schwinn and earthy colors. Old things. I imagine where they were, the places they’ve been, the people who have come in contact with them. Imperfections.


Are there any trends now that you personally love for your own wardrobe?
Jumpsuits. They remind me of my childhood. I wore a military green one with printed little flowers, gathered cap sleeves and a long zipper up the front to my first day of kindergarten. My mom let me pick out the fabric and she sewed it for me, I just loved it. I wonder what happened to my sweet jumpsuit.

//lulu:: kate :: kaori// (kaori not yet listed)

If you had 1 million dollars, what would you spend it on? 

I would have a little fun, travel and help my family. I also have many organizations I love, but three are very special to me. I love our Hawaiian Humane society for animals and the ASPCA. I just adore my animals. Heifer International is everything I believe in. Their philosophy is one that I was raised with,“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime.” Their idea is to help teach people to be self sufficient and to pass on the gift. When they are given a cow and it has a female baby, they pass it on to another family. I think this is absolutely amazing. My dad says it doesn’t matter if you only have a little to give as a lot of littles from many people add up to whole lot.


What is your favorite spot/place/city in the world?
My favorite places constantly change. I love dirt roads, sandy beaches, trees, mountains and most of all water. Anywhere in the middle of nature. I love twinkling stars and the ocean in the evenings, it’s so magical.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am not too much of a planner, I sort of go and see where it leads me. I hope to be happy, healthy and become a little more of a free spirit each day. I’ll be drinking mango iced tea and daydreaming.

Number 5 up next!

❤ Amy

Number Nine Naturally

So after number 10 comes number nine naturally. This is number 9 on our beautiful 10 countdown to our 100th post!

I Love love love/am obsessed with this “Unbreak my Heart”  hoodie found on Etsy. You can find it here from Two String Jane.

(ps she is having a sale right now!!)

❤ Amy

Etsy Lovin: Schone

While browsing Etsy,  like I normally do, I came across a wonderful special occasion and bridal shop! Schone, owned by Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek in Brooklyn, New York. This lovely lady has some most wonderful pieces that I am just drooling over. I love the simple lines, and the classic looks she has going. So elegant! I got to do a little interview with Rebecca herself to get some insight into what is Schone! Enjoy! 

A: How would you describe your aesthetic/style as well as your designs?
R: I love classic, timeless style- things that look good no matter the decade. I also love clothes that make you *feel* something- be that romantic and bohemian, glamorous and fabulous, or perhaps just chic and low-key… I try to design clothes that don’t wear the wearer, but allow her personality and natural beauty shine through.  A high level of quality in craftsmanship, materials, and fit are also very key to my designs.  Since a lot of them are so minimal, finding the exact right proportions is also really important to me. 
So in a few words? I’d say my style is about balance, elegance, and emotion.  When a woman puts on one of my dresses and says “OOOOHH!” and then her friends say “Aww! It’s so YOU!” I know I’ve done my job 🙂

A: How and when did you get your start in fashion? 
R: I started sewing when I was maybe 4 years old- literally sooner than my foot could reach the pedal (my mom rigged it up on a box for me- and then stood nervously very near by). I remember my first dress was this little floral number with yellow ducks on the straps… My mom was always making things for my sister and me, and I just loved every aspect of it since I can remember. I made my own and some friends’ prom dresses, did tons of reconstruction of thrift store clothes, and even ran a little business making skirts and whatnot for classmates- I wish Etsy existed back then! So I started considering a career in fashion more seriously when I was about 16 and ended up choosing to study fashion design in college (I first went to Drexel in Philadelphia and then transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology).  I worked small jobs in the industry even before college started and continued to work at various companies in NY’s Garment District for the last decade or so. Although I’m a natural born entrepreneur so the way I get to work now is simply the best!
A: Are there any designers you look up to or like to follow? 
R: I really love seeing what other Etsy bridal and contemporary designers are doing.  I feel like independent designers have so much more of a finger on the pulse of what hip, modern women want than corporate giants do.  We’re able to respond faster to customers’ desires than big companies can, and we’re more able to take risks- I think better, more exciting design really does result!  
Of course, I do always look at the runways and also like finding European bridal designers for a fresh perspective.  I love Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Alice Temperly, Jenny Packham, Erin Fetherston, Elie Saab, Delphine Manivet- I guess I could go on and on! I think it’s good to be aware of what is happening out there and see what really works well, but also to continue to trust my own instincts and let fabrics and form speak to me much louder than trends and outward pressure.
A: What are your favorite fibers to work with?
R: Soft silk fabrics are my staple- you just can’t beat how silk feels!  Cotton-silk blends and cotton are also lovely and can make for a wonderful, light gown.  But I’m also just heart-sick in love with really good quality laces.  I love the dimension instant awe-factor they add to a design.  I also have been having fun collecting vintage embroideries, laces, and other handwork that I hope to start incorporating into some one-of-a-kind dresses… So many project ideas, so little time!
A: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
R: My husband and I often talk about moving back to California (I lived there as a kid, he grew up there), although his career is in NY and I am in love with Brooklyn so we’ll see where we end up.  We sure do love those redwoods and Pacific coast! but oh these brownstone streets and NY vibe is hard to get over… Anyway, no matter WHERE we live, I am positive I will be designing still.  I feel like my business now is growing quite organically into my life-long dream business, so if it were totally up to me, 5 years from now I would be operating my bridal and party dress lines out of an adorable storefront space where I could gain more local visibility and create an atmosphere that truly reflects my style and vision. I would also love to have my lines carried in boutiques across the globe and to really establish a strong on-line presence and personality.
Oh and I also want to give my son at least one brother or sister AND be making sure to take time off to travel the world more with my family… Who says we can’t do it all? 
A: Is there a certain personal style trend you are into at the moment?  
R: Yes! I am SO happy that maxi dresses and skirts are so all over the place these days! I spent my younger years wishing I had gotten to live in an era when women wore long flowing dresses all the time, so the fact that it’s so in right now makes me very very happy 🙂
Thank you so much for sharing Rebecca, we LOVE your stuff! Keep creating 🙂
❤ Amy
Ps. If you have any favorite Etsy sellers, comment with their name and they might end up here as well! 

The Father Figures

As Father’s Day approaches, I know I have been looking and thinking about what to get my pops. So here a few ideas for you all! 🙂 Think handmade and unique. Something different will make him smile!

//Great Fathers day card from liddabits//

//Father’s Day Pamper Dad Kit from Sam’s Natural//

//Burgandy Leather iPhone Case and Card holder from Divina Denuevo//

//AWESOME striped socks from Muza//

Enjoy your Evening!

❤ Amy


So while at a recent Phoenix event, The Big Brain Awards, my sister met this girl who stood out among the rest! She was rocking some amazingly unique vintage  pieces. Her name is Adrian Lesoing and  She also happens to own this great vintage shop on Etsy! Superstition Vintage has a great collection of unique retro looks, that definitely will catch your eye. If you are looking for some great vintage pieces take a look at Superstition Vintage! Below is the picture my sister Katie snapped at the event, of this girl’s amazing outfit!

And here are some pieces in her shop that I fell for! Love them!

//Vintage dress in mint with collar//

//Vintage White Short Sleeved Blouse//

//Vintage White slip on Sandals//

Thank you Adrian for sharing your style and love for vintage! 😀

On deck…. Earth day! Sustainable and green fashion and styles!

❤ Amy

Sunday Night Rants

So the official deadline for “In your closet”  is in a few short hours! I might be a little leanent if I get a few tomorrow morning. 😉

We have gotten some great entries, but I have had very little time to post them on the Pinterest board, so you will just have to wait and see who the winner is! Katie and I will be mulling over the entries to pick the perfect winner, which will be very tough indeed. Hopefully we can have a winner chosen by the end of this week, so stay tuned for a great In Your Closet post. 🙂

So in the mean time, while all of you are rushing to send me your entries, here is my latest collection of Etsy finds! Enjoy!

All of these shops are incredibly unique and have wonderful style and flair to them. 🙂

//Custom Silhouette Portraits from happy thought//

//Colorful leather bracelet from Pardes//

//Pastel Crochet Headband from UTHA hats//

//Circular Desert Photo From Calamari Studio//

//Vintage Train Case from  The White Pepper//

//Sailor knot bracelet from Doble Ele//

//Embroidered Initial Necklace from Merriweather Council//

//Vintage Bird Planter from Pine and Main//

Keep an eye out for the winner of the Closet Contest!

‘Till next time

❤ Amy