My Favorite Things: Textured Waves

So lately, having long hair, I have had fun experimenting with hair products and styling!

I have not had hair this long since I was little…. so this is big for me!

Here are some of my favorite products and one of my favorite styles I use them with:

myfavortie things

Happy Wednesday! ❤ Amy

ps. thanks Kym Ventola for my wonderful photo!

Bows Bows Bows

After a little visit to the Ted Baker shop in Scottsdale, I have refound my love for bows. My former roommate and friend, Kelsey and I had a love for bows ( and still do). We loved finding corny bows to wear around the holidays. Take us back to our childhood and all that. while at the Ted Baker shop, I saw a few pieces featuring some great bows, and thought I would devote a post to just that. Bows bows, and more bows.

First off, we have the awesomeness that is this sweater from Madewell.

And I love this Bandeau from Amourouse-$75.00

This headpiece from Mignonne Handmade is also one of my favorites! -$50.00

I love the color of these shoes from Ted Baker- $170

And if you ever have a chance to stop in a Ted Baker store… check out their Great Gatsby Inspired looks! So amazing!

And finally, I love the retro look of this hair bow from Oh Honey Hush- $14

That’s all for now! Have a beautiful night!

❤ Amy


The Countdown Begins: The Birth of the Beautiful 10

So I was logging on to create yet another post, and realized, we are but 11 posts away from 100 posts!!

That’s pretty exciting if i do say so my self. I thought I would do something special for the next 10 posts to countdown to our 100th post!

So I bring you the Beautiful 10!

10 Beautiful Things that inspire me or that i have been coveting lately. Enjoy!

So here is number 10:

I am in LOVE with this high-low cross back dress. The combination of color and the simplicity of the whole thing would be perfect for a few simple accessories,  and some cute wedges. It doesn’t hurt that I am obsessed with blush and teal at the moment.


//cross back hi-low dress from mickey’s girl//

check out #9 this weekend!

❤ amy

You Make me Blush

I have been feeling like a total romantic lately. I love looking at weddings or watching those sappy love movies. I felt like posting a collection of things that make you feel pretty, romantic, or just plain loved.

First off…. just look at this picture.

Now girls…. did you just sigh a little? Admit it. You did.

I have just recently discovered this shop, K & S Bridal. They only have a few items, and just recently opened, but oh deary is their stuff dreamy! I got a little Etsy shop crush going on. Definitely keeping in mind for the future.

Anyways, this is their Bohemian Wedding Dress- $1500

No if you aren’t in that bridal mode…. you can take a gander at this wonderfully amazing skirt from Gilt

This is the Simone Maxi Skirt from Stella and Jamie, found on Gilt for $99. (On SALE!)

Or take a glance at this dress, also from Gilt

And this is the Cairo Silk Blocked Dress also from Stella and Jamie on Gilt for $105 (also on SALE!)

And I couldn’t help my self, one more beauty from Stella and Jamie……

The Modest Jersey Wrap Dress from Stella and Jamie, pricing between $59-$79 (again… SALE)

Not only is the color absolutely perfect, but it is made of jersey! What more could you want??

Let me give you a little breather, with a few non-clothing items…. but still just as amazing.

Solid Natural Perfume from Illuminated Perfume- $90

Pinwheel Necklace from Clair de Lune Jewelry- $17

And to top all the beauty off we have this…..

Cecilia Dress from uye surana- $595

The mixture of the movement in this piece and the perfected ombré effect, this dress is anything but ordinary. I just want to wear this on a windy mountain top, or on a breezy beach, or maybe just in front of a huge fan. Beautiful isn’t it? go watch Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook. That’s a given.

❤ Amy

Saturday Matters

Saturday Matters

$20 –

Stripe skirt
$15 –

Toy Watch butterfly jewelry
£115 –

Sam Ubhi chunky jewelry
£40 –

Blinde wayfare sunglasses
£214 –

Calvin klein perfume
£61 –

Styling product
$5.99 –

Need to love: Texture and Printed Madness

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Friendship Friday: Jenny Kang

Friday is here again, and this week we have an amazing friend to feature! Jenny Kang is the fashion editor of New York Magazine. She used to work for Lucky Magazine as well as AOL/Huffington Post. I know that if I worked/lived in New York (someday!) I would find her and become best friends with her. Not in a stalkerish way at all. 😉

Her style has been described as Pop-Prep, and I love the easy-going goes mod feeling she’s got going on. Her style is so stinking cute! I also found an awesome inside interview showcasing her apartment. Love love!  All of the photos I found were from articles found on Refinery 29.

 Love the hints of neon and adore the blazer!

This makes me really want a huge pair of wooden scissors to play with 😉

Again, the blazer is great! And I love the simplicity paired with the striped zig-zag rug!

She makes her own bracelets too!

I want all of her purses!!

Look out for some new posts this weekend! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

❤ Amy

Valid until March 10th!

Nicole from Dotto, one of the shops featured in A day in the life of etsy, wanted to share a coupon for her shop for all of our readers!

Valid until March 10th only!!!!

Good for 20% off any order by just entering the code KTblog 😀

Thanks Nicole! You Rock!

Another wonderful item from Dotto!

 ❤ Amy