Stylish actuality: the real stylish people, I actually met!

Hello Everybody! Hope your week went swimmingly!  Just a quick reminder that there are only 15 days left in the “In Your Closet” challenge! So if you are scared or apprehensive about your cl0set, well, don’t be! Because everyone has skeletons in their closets, and yours are most likely stylish. 😉 Go enter now! Even if you don’t think you will win, it would still be fun to showcase your style! Click here to enter!

So this week was a fun one! First off, I was rushing through Target to get a dress for an event, and I met this lovely girl named Marley! I noticed her bold and cute outfit and just had to introduce myself. This adorable maxi chiffon skirt is from Forever 21, and I just love it! The whole crisp combo of the flowy skirt, with the collared shirt and red lipstick just popped in the Target shoe aisle. Love it! Thank you Marley, for sharing your great style!

So the event I was rushing to find a dress for was the Governors Arts Awards in Phoenix at the  Herberger Theater Center. My sister, Monique from Ouma, and I volunteered with Monique’s cousin to help sell parking passes. So of course I had to take the opportunity to    showcase the awesome styles I saw there! PS I apologize for the poor quality of photos… my phone strikes once again!

The first person I noticed was this crazy amazing woman crossing the street. I just had to stop her! This is Patsy Lowry, from Paradise Valley. She was one of the nominees for the awards that night and had an amazing and unique outfit! I found out that he made this whole outfit her self! Patsy, you rock and we love your bold style!

Next to the dessert buffet I met Sarah Morgan with the most smart and cute outfit! I just loved the cropped blazer with the adorable green dress. It just all flowed so well together with the short pixie hair style. I loved it all from head to toe! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

Next I spotted Dawn Dobras, the wife of the Shelley award winner Darryl Dobras. She absolutely rocked this Cynthia Rowling gown. This great color popped and was a great pairing with the teal flowered necklace. Love the way Dawn showcased her style!

Finally I met this great lady from Flagstaff, who was donning a centennial dress made especially from recycled fabrics and dresses. I noticed this dress, and just had to ask, because I knew there must be a story behind it. Her name is Holly Gramm and her Arizona themed dress caught my eye with it’s originality and unique design. Her and her husband own a local gallery in Flagstaff and came down, just for the event. Loved your originality Holly!

Don’t forget to submit your entry for the In Your Closet Contest!

Have a wonderful weekend!

❤ Amy

Fleet Collection Special!

The lovely Lisa from Fleet Collection featured in my last post has offered all of you wonderful readers a great discount off the merchandise  off her website, This coupon is only good until April 15th at 11:50 PST, so treat yourself!

15% off for Fleet Collectuion!

 Coupon code: KTJEAN15

Thanks a million Lisa! I am heading to your website right now! 🙂

❤ Amy

Let’s talk infatuation

I am absolutely infatuated with these lovely dresses, and jewelry pieces on Etsy. I just had to post them all for you! No real theme tonight, except I am very much loving the warmer weather where dresses are totally acceptable! Enjoy this mini post… Love you all!

//Wonderful  mint flowing dress from xiaolizi//

//Love this little black dress from My Lola Fashion// This shop has some really great dresses! Love the retro flare

//Such a cute simple flared dress from Jessica Rose Design// Looks so comfy and cute!

//LOVE LOVE LOVE this vintage inspired chiffon dress from Fleet Collection!//

Also, if you haven’t  thought about it yet, don’t forget to enter our “In Your Cl0set” contest and giveaway!  Find more details here! Don’t forget, deadline is April 15th, and a skirt and a blog feature is on the line!

❤ Amy

In Your Closet…..+ CONTEST & GIVEAWAY!!

SO. Here it is, the mother of all posts. A lot of thought and editing went into this very post, and darn it, you better enjoy it! 😀

A new feature we are doing this week is called “In Her Closet….”

Amber Wright is a friend of both mine and Katie’s from church, and man, this girl has style! No matter when, where or what the weather is like, she always has an adorable, unique and put-together look, all out with accessories and shoes to match.  Recently I had the thought to invade someone’s closet, to get their personal style tips, and an inside look at their wardrobe! Now I know we don’t all have Carrie Bradshaw closets, even though we wish we did…..

I think of Amber as a Phoenix version of Carrie. She has a jam packed closest full of wonderful and beautiful clothes, that express her personality to a T. Amber lives in Peoria, Arizona, with her musician hubbie Mike, and her two ADORABLE children, Clover and Phoenix. Amber is not only a stay at home super mom, but was also a model for Katie Jean Designs, Ouma, and Mignonne Handmade! Plus, she is also an amazing photographer!

So without further ado, I present Amber’s closet! I had such a wonderful afternoon at Amber’s house for this shoot. Even got some great pics of her stylish kids ( more on them to come later, I promise!). I also asked her some questions along the way so you too can get to know Amber. And PLEASE look out at the bottom of this post for a SPECIAL CONTEST/GIVEAWAY!! Got your attention? GOOD!

One thing I so admire about her wardrobe, is that almost EVERYTHING, was from Target or Old Navy. I was shocked! We got then into putting together some typical outfits for a few different looks. I also got to ask Amber some questions about her style…

AMY: Give us some words to describe your style. Any words. 

AMBER: global, beachy, modern, kid friendly, eclectic, comfy, washable, affordable, quirky (i do own, and wear, a cardigan with horses on it ;)), colorful, a bit multiple personalities (southwest, nautical, pin up, trendy, hippie). 

AMY: Where do you love to shop most?

AMBER: I would LOVE to say I shop at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie…but with kids in the mix, thats just gonna have to wait! So, its not unusual for me to be dressed in head to toe Target…and Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle, and Pac Sun are a few more of my current shop stops! 

The first outfit we started with. Amber with her cute cute kids!

I love the mixture of colors, and patterns in this great casual outfit. The bright purple skinny jeans (which she has in about 4 different colors) are from Target along with the black and white striped cardigan. The  great green floral printed tank top is from Old Navy. 

AMY: What is your favorite item in your closet?

AMBER: Ooooohhh, that’s a hard one! Probably right now it’s my colored jeggings/skinny pants from Target! I wear them pretty much every single day (when I decide to get out of my “uniform”, aka green Victoria Secret sweatpants and gray v-neck tshirt). But, I would like to wear my dresses more! Dresses just don’t wear well for taking 2 kids on wagon rides to the park 🙂

Next up we had a great beachy vibe look with straw fedora from Pac Sun, and then the southwest patterned tank, skinny cotton black skirt, and striped shoes all from Target! The jewelry was also partially from Target and also Forever 21.

Continuing on the Target rant, we paired an adorable colorful maxi dress with a structured bodice with this wonderfully soft and edgy leather jacket.

I also wanted to see one of Amber’s everyday outfits… This is what she described as her “mom outfit”.

The jeans and flannel shirt, are both from Target, and the screen print shirt is from a beach shop in Maui. Love love love this look!

AMY: What would your dream closet look like/be filled with? 

AMBER: UUUUMMMMM…Not like it does! That’s FOR SURE! Anticipating and seeing the photos for this post made me cringe with complete disgust at how nasty and cluttered my closet is! Its the WORST area of my entire house! I have realized I am in desperate need of a closet intervention, and quick! I think I would actually have a better quality of life, and maybe even get dressed every day, if I didnt have to face that beast every time I contemplated putting real clothes on! Oh, and it would be filled with a beautiful balance of neutrals and bright colors, stripes and global prints, and sandals and flats that always made me feel like I was on vacation in a cool beach town/country!

Finally we have a very special look. The lacey layered  top is an original Katie Jean design, one of the first designs ever! The shorts with the lace insert are from, guess…… Target!  

AMY: What is the most important thing to you when clothes shopping? 

AMBER: Two things tie for most important…affordable and stylish! I won’t buy something expensive just because I like it, and I won’t buy something affordable if I don’t love it! That’s my new way of shopping…I only buy things I LOVE, not kinda like, love! If I’m contemplating it, then I usually don’t get it, ‘cause that’s a good sign I don’t LOVE it!

Now here is where you come in! Do you want to be in a feature like this? We want to see your closet!  So we are holding a contest/giveaway! Send us pictures of your closet like this, and your style and you have the chance to win a custom Alisier Skirt from Katie Jean’s Etsy shop with a new, yet-to-be released fabric design! Your pictures will also be the feature of the Katie Jean blog, (here!) and the Katie Jean Facebook page!

Ventola Photography

Are you thinking….OH MY GOSH YES I WANT TO WIN!? Yeah, I thought so. So here’s what you need to do!

Send at least 5 pictures to Amy, (me) @, with “In (Your name here)’s Closet” in the subject line. These pictures should be of your closet (no matter how messy 😉 ), your favorite outfits, your style, or what ever you think will express your style! It could be your clothes, accessories, shoes or bags! Anything you think will wow us!  Along with the pictures, please send some amazing answer’s to the following questions . (Once a winner is chosen, we may ask some more questions to add to the blog post)

– Describe your style!

–  Where is your favorite place to shop?

–   What is your favorite item in your closet?

–  What does your dream closet look like/filled with?

– What is most important to you when choosing out outfits?

Also! Once I get your email, I will add you , so you can post your pictures onto my Pinterest board labeled “In Your Closet…” and keep your eye on the competition!

Spread the word! Tell all your friends, and share this on Facebook! I know you want to save this all for yourself, so you can win the skirt and blog feature, but the more people, the more fun this will be!

The cut off date for all of this wonderful madness is April 15th! So get crackin’! I want to see your style! GO!

PS Not to leave out you stylish men…. You are more than welcome to enter as well… maybe you could give this skirt to someone special! But If the turnout for this contest is great, we might do a similar contest just for the stylish guys in the world!

Can’t wait to see your style!

❤ Amy

It’s official…I need to be this man’s friend!

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