A day to browse Etsy…

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your Monday so far! It has been a rainy one here… Wait. What? Yes. Rain! I am loving this right now. Anywho, so sorry about the lack of postage! We are so excited for Wilhelm’s Daughters to launch! We have had a few setbacks with the new design, but hope to have it up and running very soon! I am so excited to start this new little adventure.


In the meantime…. Let’s just look at how rad this all is. Agreed…right??

pumpkin/origami paper lamp shade-twReborn- $44.54

crab cuff-Butterscotch of Brooklyn- $290Liberty of London Garden Party Dress- Mrs Pomeranz- $482.26

Hyper Mountains Ring- Lunatic Art- $111.66

Enjoy your evening!

❤ Amy

Happy Birthday to Us!

I can’t believe I started blogging, already 1 year ago… and so much has changed! Our blog is heading for a whole new start and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I have been running around crazy lately with my busy schedule. But one thing that is coming up for me…I am moving! I am moving into a small guest house in Willo, the greatest historic district in Phoenix. I cant wait to give it my own little touch and share it. This is basically the first time I have been able to completely give a place my own style and make it my own. Can’t wait to show you all once it’s all done.

Anyways! To celebrate our almost 1 year birthday, here are some pretty little finds.

I will never pass up an opportunity to feature my loves at Mignonne Handmade


I love this Champagne Sequin Turban-$38.00 — Ventola Photography

il_fullxfull.383680882_dpfyFlower Enamel Earrings-In the Lavender Haze- $12.00


Sheer Blush Vintage Dress- Chariot Marie- $52.00

And of course we want to give some love to our friends at Ouma


Sequin Party Dress- Ouma- $320.00 — Ventola Photography


Antique Gold Locket- Lexi and Gem- $138.00

Have a beautiful night, and enjoy your Valentines Day

❤ Amy

It’s been awhile….


The holiday season came and went, and took my computer’s hard drive along with it! So sorry for my lack of postage as of late. But I am back! Still not as strong as before, but slowly but surely. (aka, as soon as I get my computer fixed)

I hope you all enjoyed your lovely holidays and the time with your families and friends. Mine were just grand. 🙂

In celebration of a new year… here are some new  fun discoveries on Etsy!

Photo: Rodion Creative

Vintage Bronze cocktail dress with jacket- Dotto- $179

(although I have featured this shop before, could NOT stay away! Love!)

Such an AWESOME Succulent Wreath- Rooted in Succulents- $139

Vintage Art Deco Bib necklace- My So Called Vintage- $26

Little Black Dress- Naftul- $120 

Fun little adventure calendars- Little Low- $14

See you all soon!

I am still working on the details of our news so stay tuned.

❤ Amy

A little wedded inspiration

I may not be engaged, as I have said before. Or even in a relationship to lead to a ring. But that doesn’t mean I can’t swoon over some gorgeous things that may or may not make a future appearance at my one-day wedding. 🙂

Adeline Wedding Dress-$1950-Andie Mcguire


Streamers found on Style Me Pretty

Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings-$38.00- Eldor Tina Jewelry

Strapless lace wedding dress- $1050.00- Grace Loves Lace


i want at least one picture with a sweater

Found on A Well Traveled Woman

Have a wonderful Thursday my lovelies!

❤ Amy


Case of the Monday’s

It’s that day of the week.


The day where you are whipped back to reality, and all the joys of a life. 🙂 But today, is not just any Monday…..

It’s Cyber Monday! Hopefully you didn’t get trampled this past Friday and found some great deals, Black Friday shopping. But if you are like me… I chose sleep instead, and choose today to online shop!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy deals of today!

I love you state art- $20.00- Hop Skip Jump Paper

Rose Gold Letter Necklace- $33.30- Olive Yew Jewels

Rose Gold Stud Earrings- $23.40- Olive Yew Jewels

Custom Stationary stamp- $42.00-Pretty Chic SF

Shop Happy!

❤ Amy


Just A Little Girly

On This lovely Sunday, filled with friends and relaxing, i felt the need to discover some Etsy amazingness. Who knew I would find an AMAZING handmade leather shoe shop from Italy!? I am in love with the Oxfords below, and to go along with their romantic edge….some feminine inspired Etsy finds. Enjoy!

//1>Strapless sweetheart dress-Jennafer Grace-$44 // 2>Sofia Oxfords- Ele Handmade- $172 (love all the amazing shoes!!) // 3>Desert Star Turban Headband-Rum Rasina-$12.50 // 4>Abstractions Aside illustration print-Leigh Viner-$28 // 5>Bike Bracelet-Fabulous Time-$2.89//

❤ Amy

Mornings With Etsy

Just sipping on my pumpkin spice latte, and Etsy shopping. I could do this all day long.


1>Live Simply-Yellow Button studio

2> Geometric Wood Necklace- Fable and Lore

3> 90s Grunge Flannel- Wild Fox Vintage

4> Neon Geometric Necklace-Boo and Boo Factory

5> 80s Tan Plaid Blazer- Laradio Vintage

❤ Amy

You’re probably wondering who won…..

So after going through and tallying all of the entries and entering them into a number randomizing system… ladies and gents, we have our winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

I actually looked at the winner’s profile , and found that she has quite a beautiful jewelry shop on Etsy! Here are two of our favorites!

Kayce Earrings- $25

Victoria necklace- $54

  Congrats Beth and thank you to all who entered!

❤ Amy

No. 6:: Sunday Owl Release; drinking mango iced tea and day dreaming

So once again, I was browsing along Etsy and found this amazing shop with some even more amazing rings! I messaged this wonderful seller and happened to score an interview and some brand new photos of some new rings she is about to release! Take a look friends and drool along with me at these gorgeous works of art!

Sunday Owl is owned by the lovely Lisa and operated out of the beautiful state of Hawaii. This shop is our featured number 6 on our Beautiful 10 Countdown!

::Top left:: This is where I weigh the wax models to prepare them for casting. I also weigh the 18k gold casting grain. The gold grain sits in a little owl dish which I purchased from a lovely Etsy shop named One Clay Bead.

:: Top right:: Some of the new rings you can find from Sunday Owl

::Bottom::  Me, my tool cabinet and my equipment (hiding behind the curtain). My dad and I made the tool cabinet that I am standing next to from recycled found items around his house. It is a little wonky and crooked, but I just love it. The clay pottery on top of the cabinet is from another Etsy shop Darrielles Clay Art.

How did you get started making jewelry?

It was quite a journey. I went to art school in NYC, graduated with a fashion degree and worked in that industry for a little while. It was time for a big change, packed my bags and headed back to Hawaii where I am originally from. I knew that I wanted to try something different and I had always wanted to be a sculptor, but what would I sculpt? I absolutely love rings and rustic vintage items. I am not sure how, but this lead to me to lost wax casting. I read everything I could find on this subject and was fascinated with the history behind it. I decided that this was for me and signed up for a casting class at our academy of arts. I was in love with this process. I love the imperfections and unpredictability of torch casting. I’m that girl who loves included stones and porosity on gold, they’re so much more interesting to me.


What in your everyday life inspires you? 
Simplicity. The world seems to be going a little too fast for me. I love all the simple things. Birds, stars, the moon, my rusted vintage schwinn and earthy colors. Old things. I imagine where they were, the places they’ve been, the people who have come in contact with them. Imperfections.


Are there any trends now that you personally love for your own wardrobe?
Jumpsuits. They remind me of my childhood. I wore a military green one with printed little flowers, gathered cap sleeves and a long zipper up the front to my first day of kindergarten. My mom let me pick out the fabric and she sewed it for me, I just loved it. I wonder what happened to my sweet jumpsuit.

//lulu:: kate :: kaori// (kaori not yet listed)

If you had 1 million dollars, what would you spend it on? 

I would have a little fun, travel and help my family. I also have many organizations I love, but three are very special to me. I love our Hawaiian Humane society for animals and the ASPCA. I just adore my animals. Heifer International is everything I believe in. Their philosophy is one that I was raised with,“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime.” Their idea is to help teach people to be self sufficient and to pass on the gift. When they are given a cow and it has a female baby, they pass it on to another family. I think this is absolutely amazing. My dad says it doesn’t matter if you only have a little to give as a lot of littles from many people add up to whole lot.


What is your favorite spot/place/city in the world?
My favorite places constantly change. I love dirt roads, sandy beaches, trees, mountains and most of all water. Anywhere in the middle of nature. I love twinkling stars and the ocean in the evenings, it’s so magical.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am not too much of a planner, I sort of go and see where it leads me. I hope to be happy, healthy and become a little more of a free spirit each day. I’ll be drinking mango iced tea and daydreaming.

Number 5 up next!

❤ Amy

I’d Go Anywhere

I'd Go Anywhere

Denim shirt

Pleated skirt

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Matthew Williamson studded clutch
$1,555 – matthewwilliamson.com


Mango resin jewelry
$28 – placedestendances.com