GET EXCITED! Please. 100 Layer Cake Bridal Giveaway!!

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100 Layer Cake, the amazing wedding blog, is featuring a giveaway in partnership with Ouma, Mignonne Handmade, And Katie Jean Designs! Katie Jean and Ouma are each giving away $250 gift cards to their shops! And to top it off, … Continue reading

Etsy Lovin’

Once again I am in the mood for some Etsy lovin’! Here are some pieces put together to display my eclectic mood at the moment.  I love the simplicity and fun in all of these products! Since I am exhausted at the moment, this post will be a bit shorter and sweet, but still great!

Love the simplicity of this purse, reminds me of Europe!

:: Felt Wool Clutch from Ecolution::

And these are just so cool! You can customize them too!

::Appliqué and Embroidered Hoop Necklace from dandelyne::

Just in love with this skirt, and her hair, and her belt…..

:: Schoolgirl Skirt from Blush::

SUCH a cool store! Eco friendly too 🙂

:: Reclaimed Wood Accent Table from Edies Lab::

I am thinking  my wall needs such a fantastic fox. Love prints like this! Plus love the rest of this shop too….if only I had a house!

Mister Fox Graphic Illustration from Native Vermont Studio

Again from Blush, but I just loved it! I am a sucker for black and ruffles

Sleeveless Black Silk Dress from Blush

  Make sure you take a look at all these wonderful shops!Have a great day!

❤ Amy

Need to love: Texture and Printed Madness

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Two things I love in outfits, is a great unique print, or a wonderful rich texture. The best is when you can have both! Being the online window shopper that I am, I found some wonderful pieces that feature great … Continue reading

Not your typical Red Carpet recap

Since fashion is all about practicality, and wear ability, I devote this post to featuring clothes inspired from those wonderful red carpet gowns! As much as I drool watching the Oscars, or Fashion Week clips, I always think to my … Continue reading

Well don’t you know? That’s Brigitte Bardot!

This beauty is  French model, singer, actress and animal rights activist. She was best known as a sex symbol in the 60s. You have already seen my love for the 60s, so this is no surprise that this post is devoted to the one and only Brigitte Bardot. I have also found some accessories on Etsy that capture the essence of the Ms. Bardot. Enjoy!

Photo from: I just wasn’t made for these times

Photo From: I just wasn’t made for these times

Photo From: I just wasn’t made for these times

Photo from: I just wasn’t made for these times

From Jewels and Binoculars

Found these vintage beauties from Austin Modern on Etsy! I think they capture the essence of the 60s perfectly!

Austin Modern

Now from a friend of ours, Mignonne Handmade, a beautiful set of silk blossoms!

Silk organza blossom pin set

And featuring once again Whispy Love! They have a wonderful selection of hair bows, it was so hard to choose which one to feature!

 Cherry Red Hair Bow

Thanks for reading! ❤ Amy

Go big or go bold

Tonight was a first for me as a blogger! While sitting down for dinner with my sister and our Japanese exchange student Melisa at  True Foods Kitchen in Phoenix, I noticed something interesting at the table next to us. There were two men sitting there, and I couldn’t help but notice the one man’s style! First of all, he had this amazing large ring on. I had never seen anything like it before! It was so unique and eccentric I couldn’t help but notice it. Throughout dinner, my sister and I kept discussing whether or not I should ask him to take a picture of him and his ring. Finally I got up the guts, explained who I was and what this was for and asked him for a picture of him and his amazing ring. It wasn’t until he turned to talk to me that I realized how great his look was!

So here’s to noticing awesome style in strangers and doing something about it!

Meet Dawid! (Pronounced Dah-veed) Such a cool name!

Although he is usually in Colorado snowboarding, Dawid is in Phoenix for the winter occupying himself with volunteer work and the opening of a couple art galleries in downtown Phoenix.  He also hosts couch surfers from all over! He was at dinner with his father, so we got a picture of both of them as well!

This guy just amazes me! The shoes, the socks, everything about his look this evening rocked.

Because it was so dark, it was hard to get a good picture of this epic ring. Dawid said it was Moroccan and one-of-a-kind. And I thought my rings were outrageous and unique! Also notice his earring which I didn’t realize was so cool,  until he turned his head the first time.

 What I loved most about his whole vibe was that there were some many unique things about him, that flowed perfectly together. With so many cool items, it could look unfocused or  disconnected. His look was effortless and perfect for his persona.

My sister joked that my picture quality wasn’t that good because I don’t have an iPhone. So I apologize for the “not perfect” quality. Was the best I could do for the moment! Will say though, that these pictures don’t do his amazing style justice what so ever!  Thanks for sharing your uniqueness with me, Dawid!

Loved this chance meeting, will definitely be keeping my eye out for more stylish Phoenicians!

❤ Amy

The Color Wheel Dilemma

Ladies and Gentelmen……. the color wheel!

I remember learning in elementary school all about the color wheel. The primary colors, secondary, and tertiary. We also learned about complimentary colors. Blue and orange, red and green, and yellow and purple.  I always considered these colors a little bit gaudy and in your face combinations. Something used in a holiday (Christmas) or a sports team (Broncos). Recently I have seen the potential in these great combos. The key is, to not choose the same shade of each color. For example, bright grass green and apple red. Instead….. you go with one of my favorite color combos…. mint and red!

Photo from Look Book

Now although this next outfit doesn’t have any bright bright red, I love the light mint, paired with the light coral. PS LOVE THIS BLOG!

 Photo from The Blonde Salad

It’s also great in interiors!

Photo From Adobe Love

 Photo From Adobe Love

And Purple and Yellow! 

Plus Leopard print!!

 Photo From Musings in Femininity

Photo from Belle Maison

And Blue and orange, or navy and orange rather. I am loving zig zag lately.

Photo from Deliciously Organized

Photo from ASOS

Again…. Zig zag hehe 😉

Photo From Apartment Therapy

Ciao for now! ❤ Amy

Glitter, glitz and glam. Why I love sparkles

Most girls growing up love the glitter and glow of pretty things. Whether it be cupcakes, or new Betsey Johnson pumps, I must admit, I LOVE SPARKLES!

It has just been recently, that glitter has been reintroduced into my wardrobe. For awhile I thought it was only for little girls or Katy Perry. I have found that there are ways without going over the top with your glitz, still adding that boho glam you crave. Glitter or sequins (much like color) can brighten up any outfit. No need to pull out your old dance costumes. Looks like this can be found pretty much anywhere!

P.S If you can’t resist the tempting sparkly cupcakes,follow the link. 🙂

Gold has officially made a comeback. But we are not talking your typical gaudy gold watch ( although I have seen those lately too!). I am especially intrigued by the dulled gold sequins that are shown in this next outfit. I love the dulled gold because it assures that you don’t come out looking like a Vegas show dancer or something.

Found this glam-tastic outfit at Lucy Laucht

This shirt takes on a little different approach with a muted less glitzy sparkle, but I love the darker vibe it gives off.

Here are a few items from Katie Jean Designs! This cute simple dress has little dots of glitter and shine that make it sparkle. Find it on Etsy HERE or at her homepage HERE

Photography: Ventola Photography, Accessories: Mignonne Handmade

This one is detailed with chevron stripes on the bodice made with pin folds in the glitter tulle. From first hand experience working with this dress, you cant get much more glittery than this! Katie also has it available in almost any color! Great vintage inspired party dress. Again find this on Etsy!

Photography: Ventola Photography, Accessories: Mignonne Handmade

Friendship Friday: Jenny Kang

Friday is here again, and this week we have an amazing friend to feature! Jenny Kang is the fashion editor of New York Magazine. She used to work for Lucky Magazine as well as AOL/Huffington Post. I know that if I worked/lived in New York (someday!) I would find her and become best friends with her. Not in a stalkerish way at all. 😉

Her style has been described as Pop-Prep, and I love the easy-going goes mod feeling she’s got going on. Her style is so stinking cute! I also found an awesome inside interview showcasing her apartment. Love love!  All of the photos I found were from articles found on Refinery 29.

 Love the hints of neon and adore the blazer!

This makes me really want a huge pair of wooden scissors to play with 😉

Again, the blazer is great! And I love the simplicity paired with the striped zig-zag rug!

She makes her own bracelets too!

I want all of her purses!!

Look out for some new posts this weekend! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

❤ Amy

Valid until March 10th!

Nicole from Dotto, one of the shops featured in A day in the life of etsy, wanted to share a coupon for her shop for all of our readers!

Valid until March 10th only!!!!

Good for 20% off any order by just entering the code KTblog 😀

Thanks Nicole! You Rock!

Another wonderful item from Dotto!

 ❤ Amy