Let’s Cuddle Up

If you were me, you would be sitting here at 8 in the morning, with a fan pointed directly at you, while its a lovely 82 degrees out…at 8 in the morning.  But if you were any where else but here you would be happily winding down your summer and preparing for the best time of the year ever! FALL! You get to wear scarves and coats, boots and tights and everything in between. At least if you live any where but Phoenix.

That’s besides the point. While living in Switzerland, Fall was my absolute favorite. It was a season I got to enjoy but dragging out those coats I only seldom got to wear. So let’s take a look at a few of my favorite items to savor this fall.

First off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this belted jacket from forever 21!

Although I already have some like these….I still need this pair of Steve Madden Boots from Norstrom

I am sucker for a cozy sweater, and this beauty from Spool 72 is no exception!

Finally I found this hipster magnet of a scarf from Blue Birds Fly Boutique on Etsy. So simple and so cozy looking!

Keep dreaming of colder weather my dears!

❤ Amy

Champagne before Breakfast

Champagne before Breakfast

Sleeveless top
$38 – glamorousuk.com

Giles coat

Club L short skirt
$30 – littlewoods.com

Bow shoes
$110 – coast-stores.com

Gold handbag

Faux fur hat
$31 – hatsandcaps.co.uk

Dreams of a Chilly Fall

Dreams of a Chilly Fall

Sass & Bide boyfriend jeans
$270 – pompidou.com.au

Military boots

CÉLINE mini bag

Coral jewelry

Dorothy Perkins beaded jewelry
$10 – dorothyperkins.com

Embrace your Funk

You know when you see those people walking down the street with same crazy funky outfit on, and your initial reaction is, “what in the world were they thinking?”

At the same time, I try to imagine the amazing awesome stuff that must occupy their closet! I would just love to go ask them where did you get all this awesome stuff?? I’m sure there are some crazy stories hidden behind the bright colors and crazy patterns. I decided to browse through one of my favorite inspiration sites: Lookbook.nu. Here is some real-life inspiration on embracing the funk and crazy in your wardrobe! I will say, these looks are different, and things you would not see everyday. But that’s the point right? Wearing something that makes you stand out, make yourself seen! To be honest, I don’t know if I would have the guts to walk out and about in these looks, but I sure do admire these stylish folks for showing us how it’s done.

1. First off, who wouldn’t love this sweater? even though it is a bit out there, I think it adds so much personality and life to the outfit. Not to mention the mix with the cheetah print shoes. 🙂

2. What I love about this next look (well I love everything) is her hair! Your hair is your best accessory I Love her carefree grunge look that is iced with awesome pink locks.

3. Now this look is a little more subdued, but I LOVE LOVE the print on this blazer! It goes perfectly with the simplicity of the rest of the outfit.

4. Tucan Leggings…. Enough said.

5. Ombre is taking over, this we know. But I love the bit of edge added to this sweater. It is definitely not something you would expect. I love this paired with the tan heels. So cute!


❤ Amy

I’d Go Anywhere

I'd Go Anywhere

Denim shirt

Pleated skirt

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Matthew Williamson studded clutch
$1,555 – matthewwilliamson.com


Mango resin jewelry
$28 – placedestendances.com

You Make me Blush

I have been feeling like a total romantic lately. I love looking at weddings or watching those sappy love movies. I felt like posting a collection of things that make you feel pretty, romantic, or just plain loved.

First off…. just look at this picture.

Now girls…. did you just sigh a little? Admit it. You did.

I have just recently discovered this shop, K & S Bridal. They only have a few items, and just recently opened, but oh deary is their stuff dreamy! I got a little Etsy shop crush going on. Definitely keeping in mind for the future.

Anyways, this is their Bohemian Wedding Dress- $1500

No if you aren’t in that bridal mode…. you can take a gander at this wonderfully amazing skirt from Gilt

This is the Simone Maxi Skirt from Stella and Jamie, found on Gilt for $99. (On SALE!)

Or take a glance at this dress, also from Gilt

And this is the Cairo Silk Blocked Dress also from Stella and Jamie on Gilt for $105 (also on SALE!)

And I couldn’t help my self, one more beauty from Stella and Jamie……

The Modest Jersey Wrap Dress from Stella and Jamie, pricing between $59-$79 (again… SALE)

Not only is the color absolutely perfect, but it is made of jersey! What more could you want??

Let me give you a little breather, with a few non-clothing items…. but still just as amazing.

Solid Natural Perfume from Illuminated Perfume- $90

Pinwheel Necklace from Clair de Lune Jewelry- $17

And to top all the beauty off we have this…..

Cecilia Dress from uye surana- $595

The mixture of the movement in this piece and the perfected ombré effect, this dress is anything but ordinary. I just want to wear this on a windy mountain top, or on a breezy beach, or maybe just in front of a huge fan. Beautiful isn’t it?

Ahh..now go watch Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook. That’s a given.

❤ Amy

Etsy Lovin’: July Edition

It’s that time again for some Etsy Lovin’!

Just some amazing items I have found while browsing my life away. Enjoy!

Love this Chevron Childrens Skirt from Noah and Lilah

Adorable card from Letter Happy

I NEED this butterfly ring from Beauty Spot!


Such a cool iPhone case from Eireanneilis

I really like the simplicity of this shirt from Xenotees

Such Beautiful earrings from Piggle and Pop!

This braided necklace from Necklush caught my eye. I love everything about it!

Have a nice night!

❤ Amy

Behind the Scenes of a Katie Jean and Ventola Photography shoot…aka The morning of amazing creativity

So as you may have seen either on Facebook, Instagram, or here, Katie Jean teamed up with our great friend (and my other employer) Kym Ventola of Ventola Photography on Sunday for a new product shoot! We had so much fun with our friends Rachel Wegehaupt and Paige Ashcroft creating this wonderful creative atmosphere to display some old and new items from Katie Jean.  Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming shoot from Ventola Photography and Katie Jean!

A friend of Katie’s making us some make-shift confetti!

We all had so much fun! Can’t wait for you all to see the wonderful pictures!

❤ Amy

Polka Dots and Poppies

Polka Dots and Poppies

Dorothy Perkins dot dress

Cropped blazer
$46 – bankfashion.co.uk

Stackable jewelry