Paranorman: Get in the Spooky Spirit

So my sister,her husband Jonce and their two little boys and myself went and saw Paranorman tonight. Although it is a bit too scary and intense for the kids… at least I think, I thought it was AWESOME! I loved the animation, I loved the story, I thought it was so cute!

Anyway, I recommend it for all of you! Also tomorrow at 11:59 pm is the deadline to enter to win a lace shift dress! You can find the deets HERE.

Have a zombie-free night!

❤ Amy

Going on a Vintage Hunt: Etsy Obsession

Who doesn’t love some great vintage finds?  I could spend all day at thrift shop or vintage stores even just looking at everything! Today I stumbled upon something amazing!  Aiseirigh Vintage is this great collection of some adorable vintage pieces. I’m talking 22 pages of vintage wonderfulness….I couldn’t even make it through them all!

What I love most about this shop is that she took the time and care to do some beautifully styled shoots with some of her pieces. Sometimes shots of pieces on dress forms are just great and all you need (and she does have a lot of those, and they are wonderfully done!), but these romantic shots take it above and beyond, drawing me in that much quicker. Take a look at these breath taking photos by Purple Tree Wedding Photography.

1960s Crocheted Mod Wedding Dress-$325

1970s Prairie Strapless Dress- $202

Vintage grunge floral 90s babydoll dress- $225

Vintage 1970s Mini Buttercream Dress- $202

Now check out some of these other awesome finds in her shop! Only a small sample of my loves in this shop!

1960s Mod Nautical Dress- $88

Nautical Vintage 1950s Anne Fogarty of Sakfifth Avenue Dress- $202 

1960s Mod Cocktail Dress-$145

1950s Vintage Wedding Dress- $888

Vintage 1950s Coral Novelty Circle Skirt- $1557

And in the spirit of me yearning for fall and winter……

Vintage 1950s  Wool Saks Fifth Avenue Tan Peacoat- $485

Don’t forget! Friday is the deadline for the Lace Shift Dress giveaway! Enter HERE!

❤ Amy

Can we just talk about this for a second….

hello darlings!

I just wanted to share this amazing outfit I saw on Look Book! Love this for fall! Actually all of this girl’s looks are pretty stellar. 🙂 You can find this one and more HERE.

Enjoy your afternoon!  And don’t forget to enter to win a lace shift dress HERE.


100th Post: A Sparkle Affair + a Giveaway!

So it’s finally here! Number 100 has arrived and it’s bigger and  more awesome than I had imagined!

You might remember our post a few weeks back giving you a glimpse at the new Katie Jean photoshoot that we did along with our friend Kym Ventola of Ventola Photography. She did such an AMAZING job with these photos and we just love her and her work! A great thanks to Kym, Rachel Wegehaupt (our model, actually featured on one of the very first posts) and Paige Ashcroft (hair and makeup) for making this shoot so fun and great!

We also have some brand new designs that we are introducing for the first time! So exciting!

So not only are we here to showcase the new photos and new designs, but also to introduce a very special Katie Jean Giveaway! One of our most popular styles, the Lace Shift Dress , (example pictured below) is up for grabs!

How to Enter 

1) Like ktjean designs on Facebook HERE

   2)Follow this blog with WordPress or Bloglovin’   or even via email

There are many ways you can enter and chances for multiple entries as well!

Additional Entries: (post each entry in a comment below so we can keep track)

– Follow ktjean designs on Pinterest HERE

– Follow me on Pinterest HERE

– Follow ktjeandesigns on Twitter HERE and tweet this: I just entered to win an amazing Lace shift dress from @ktjeandesigns!

– Share the link to this post on Facebook and tag Ktjean Designs

– Add Katie Jean Designs to your favorites on Etsy HERE

– Leave a comment on this post about your favorite dress from Katie Jean

For each entry, leave a comment on this post saying “I just followed Amy on Pinterest” or “I just added Katie Jean to my favorites on Etsy”  etc.

Please put these in separate comments so I can count each entry separately. So that ton of different ways to obtain entries and have a greater chance in winning yourself a great custom Lace Shift Dress!

The deadline for all entries is 11:59pm on August 31st so get crackin!

So enjoy the photos and I can’t wait to see who wins!  Don’t forget to tell your friends!

First up one of our new designs! The Ami dress is a new twist on the sleeved lace dress also recently introduced.  If you are interested in this dress send us a message on Etsy! Otherwise it will be listed in Etsy soon!

Our other new design is a sparkle skirt we like to call the Ava! This will also be listed in Etsy shortly. The lacy tank top is also available to order!

And now for the rest of  the wonderful pieces from Katie Jean! Enjoy!

Thanks again Kym for your amazing work! We LOVE working with you!

All photos courtesy of Ventola Photography

Baby your the one

Us girls love daydreaming. For me, I often imagine how my “someday finace” would propose. So as our number 1 on the countdown we will feature 3 of the cutest proposals we have seen! I realize I should have figured this out better, where as number 1 ended up as number 100…. but no. So lets call this number 1.5!  Take a look and stick around this weekend to see wonderful post No. 100!

This sweet proposal was found featured on Green Wedding shoes and you can find the whole story (and video!) here! 

This story included everything from art to a balloon scavenger hunt! So flipping cute!

This next one was set to recreate their first date, and was also found on Green Wedding shoes here.

This awesome boyfriend recreated their first date (at a Starbucks) out in the middle of the woods, so creative and adorable!

And finally this super cool illustrated proposal found on Turn Olympus to Atlantis. This guy combined various and completely different illustrations to spell it out for his girl. 🙂 Love it!


❤ Amy

PS! As either my computer or my wordpress is having issues, the 100th post may not come up until after the weekend. But make sure you check back… you will NOT want to miss it!!! Guaranteed!


Lets Talk About #2….Pencils

I recently signed up for a few fashion classes at a local college this fall, and my first day is on Monday! What?! I haven’t been out of school for that long, but it is still a weird feeling going back to school. Since I will be surrounded by aspiring fashion designers, I need to be on my A-game!  So let’s continue our countdown (oh my almost there!) and see some must haves for going back to school!

Striped Backpack from Bagy Bag

Mustard Skirt from Flattery

Pencil Tool Roll from Bundle and Stow

Vintage 1940s notebook from Salvage Nation

Stump Laptop Table from Real Wood Works


❤ Amy



Three for the Money

Oh me oh my! I cannot believe I am already at number three! Crazy! Only two more posts until our wonderful surprise 100th post! Can you take a guess as to what it will be?

For our beautiful number 3, I am focusing on the wonderfulness of sheer shirts! I saw this amazing look on Global Street Snap and thought I would put together 3 great looks featuring sheer tops.  I have really loved sheer tops this very hot hot summer!

First off: my inspiration from Alexandra Per, from Vigo, Spain

Sheer Love- no. 1
Sheer Love No. 2
Sheer Love No. 3
❤ Amy

No. 4: Friendliest of Friends

No. 4: Friendliest of Friends

Graphic tank top
$24 –

Printed skirt

Jeffrey Campbell leather boots
$205 –

Lace up wedge

Python handbag
$295 –

FOSSIL leather shoulder bag
$280 –

Ray-Ban sunglasses
$185 –

Ray ban

Buckle belt

Fantabulous No. 5

Number 5 time!

I saw this featured shop on Etsy and couldn’t help but include her in my countdown. her art work is so unique and original…I just love it! The traditional look is what gets me. Not too modern or trendy,  just amazing work! Take a look at Becca Stadtlander of Becca Stadtlander Illustration. 

Hello Baby Card- $3.95

Water Girl Card- $3.95

Have a great Monday! and for those of you starting school today… good luck!

❤ Amy

No. 6:: Sunday Owl Release; drinking mango iced tea and day dreaming

So once again, I was browsing along Etsy and found this amazing shop with some even more amazing rings! I messaged this wonderful seller and happened to score an interview and some brand new photos of some new rings she is about to release! Take a look friends and drool along with me at these gorgeous works of art!

Sunday Owl is owned by the lovely Lisa and operated out of the beautiful state of Hawaii. This shop is our featured number 6 on our Beautiful 10 Countdown!

::Top left:: This is where I weigh the wax models to prepare them for casting. I also weigh the 18k gold casting grain. The gold grain sits in a little owl dish which I purchased from a lovely Etsy shop named One Clay Bead.

:: Top right:: Some of the new rings you can find from Sunday Owl

::Bottom::  Me, my tool cabinet and my equipment (hiding behind the curtain). My dad and I made the tool cabinet that I am standing next to from recycled found items around his house. It is a little wonky and crooked, but I just love it. The clay pottery on top of the cabinet is from another Etsy shop Darrielles Clay Art.

How did you get started making jewelry?

It was quite a journey. I went to art school in NYC, graduated with a fashion degree and worked in that industry for a little while. It was time for a big change, packed my bags and headed back to Hawaii where I am originally from. I knew that I wanted to try something different and I had always wanted to be a sculptor, but what would I sculpt? I absolutely love rings and rustic vintage items. I am not sure how, but this lead to me to lost wax casting. I read everything I could find on this subject and was fascinated with the history behind it. I decided that this was for me and signed up for a casting class at our academy of arts. I was in love with this process. I love the imperfections and unpredictability of torch casting. I’m that girl who loves included stones and porosity on gold, they’re so much more interesting to me.


What in your everyday life inspires you? 
Simplicity. The world seems to be going a little too fast for me. I love all the simple things. Birds, stars, the moon, my rusted vintage schwinn and earthy colors. Old things. I imagine where they were, the places they’ve been, the people who have come in contact with them. Imperfections.


Are there any trends now that you personally love for your own wardrobe?
Jumpsuits. They remind me of my childhood. I wore a military green one with printed little flowers, gathered cap sleeves and a long zipper up the front to my first day of kindergarten. My mom let me pick out the fabric and she sewed it for me, I just loved it. I wonder what happened to my sweet jumpsuit.

//lulu:: kate :: kaori// (kaori not yet listed)

If you had 1 million dollars, what would you spend it on? 

I would have a little fun, travel and help my family. I also have many organizations I love, but three are very special to me. I love our Hawaiian Humane society for animals and the ASPCA. I just adore my animals. Heifer International is everything I believe in. Their philosophy is one that I was raised with,“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime.” Their idea is to help teach people to be self sufficient and to pass on the gift. When they are given a cow and it has a female baby, they pass it on to another family. I think this is absolutely amazing. My dad says it doesn’t matter if you only have a little to give as a lot of littles from many people add up to whole lot.


What is your favorite spot/place/city in the world?
My favorite places constantly change. I love dirt roads, sandy beaches, trees, mountains and most of all water. Anywhere in the middle of nature. I love twinkling stars and the ocean in the evenings, it’s so magical.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am not too much of a planner, I sort of go and see where it leads me. I hope to be happy, healthy and become a little more of a free spirit each day. I’ll be drinking mango iced tea and daydreaming.

Number 5 up next!

❤ Amy