So while at a recent Phoenix event, The Big Brain Awards, my sister met this girl who stood out among the rest! She was rocking some amazingly unique vintage  pieces. Her name is Adrian Lesoing and  She also happens to own this great vintage shop on Etsy! Superstition Vintage has a great collection of unique retro looks, that definitely will catch your eye. If you are looking for some great vintage pieces take a look at Superstition Vintage! Below is the picture my sister Katie snapped at the event, of this girl’s amazing outfit!

And here are some pieces in her shop that I fell for! Love them!

//Vintage dress in mint with collar//

//Vintage White Short Sleeved Blouse//

//Vintage White slip on Sandals//

Thank you Adrian for sharing your style and love for vintage! 😀

On deck…. Earth day! Sustainable and green fashion and styles!

❤ Amy

Stylish actuality: the real stylish people, I actually met!

Hello Everybody! Hope your week went swimmingly!  Just a quick reminder that there are only 15 days left in the “In Your Closet” challenge! So if you are scared or apprehensive about your cl0set, well, don’t be! Because everyone has skeletons in their closets, and yours are most likely stylish. 😉 Go enter now! Even if you don’t think you will win, it would still be fun to showcase your style! Click here to enter!

So this week was a fun one! First off, I was rushing through Target to get a dress for an event, and I met this lovely girl named Marley! I noticed her bold and cute outfit and just had to introduce myself. This adorable maxi chiffon skirt is from Forever 21, and I just love it! The whole crisp combo of the flowy skirt, with the collared shirt and red lipstick just popped in the Target shoe aisle. Love it! Thank you Marley, for sharing your great style!

So the event I was rushing to find a dress for was the Governors Arts Awards in Phoenix at the  Herberger Theater Center. My sister, Monique from Ouma, and I volunteered with Monique’s cousin to help sell parking passes. So of course I had to take the opportunity to    showcase the awesome styles I saw there! PS I apologize for the poor quality of photos… my phone strikes once again!

The first person I noticed was this crazy amazing woman crossing the street. I just had to stop her! This is Patsy Lowry, from Paradise Valley. She was one of the nominees for the awards that night and had an amazing and unique outfit! I found out that he made this whole outfit her self! Patsy, you rock and we love your bold style!

Next to the dessert buffet I met Sarah Morgan with the most smart and cute outfit! I just loved the cropped blazer with the adorable green dress. It just all flowed so well together with the short pixie hair style. I loved it all from head to toe! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

Next I spotted Dawn Dobras, the wife of the Shelley award winner Darryl Dobras. She absolutely rocked this Cynthia Rowling gown. This great color popped and was a great pairing with the teal flowered necklace. Love the way Dawn showcased her style!

Finally I met this great lady from Flagstaff, who was donning a centennial dress made especially from recycled fabrics and dresses. I noticed this dress, and just had to ask, because I knew there must be a story behind it. Her name is Holly Gramm and her Arizona themed dress caught my eye with it’s originality and unique design. Her and her husband own a local gallery in Flagstaff and came down, just for the event. Loved your originality Holly!

Don’t forget to submit your entry for the In Your Closet Contest!

Have a wonderful weekend!

❤ Amy