No-Shop November

This whole no-shave November gimmick has got me thinking about a challenge of my own. For this month, I am not going to purchase anything clothing or accessory related. Necessities only. I spend way too much money on things I think I need, and am seeing my bank account suffer.

So this lovely month of November I will window shop! I will post things I am drooling over, and who knows, maybe by the end of the month I will know what I can afford and actually make a well thought out shopping choice!

Join me in window shopping!

First up: This amazing twill coat!  Twill Trench Coat from Riordan Roache- $179.99

Resist the Urge to shop!

❤ Amy

Spectacular No. 7

ON our way to our 100th post, we have our spectacular number seven! This pick actually comes from Katie Jean herself. She cannot wait to live anywhere but Arizona, where she could actually put this amazing chunky scarf to use! I love the buckle especially! So versatile 😉

You can find this scarf on Etsy from Made By Chloee

❤ Amy