And the winner’s are…….

It’s here! After long deliberation and thought, we have our winners! Sorry about the delay in posting this, I wanted it to be just perfect!

This creative family put together a great collection of not just one wardrobe, but three! Three generations of fashion, have caught our eye and have won our “In Your Closet” contest!

Laurie Bohannen, daughter Darcy Carter, and granddaughter Gwen Carter have such great pieces that they were so wonderful to share with us. Their theme as they sent in their entry was a stylish family, throughout the generations, such a cute way of presenting it!

Starting off with a group shot of this lovely bunch!

Andfirst up we have the fashion legend of the family, Laurie

Love the simplicity of this outfit; the accessories top it off as well! Not too matchy matchy, but coordinating! And I just LOVE the combo of coral and teal 😉

Laurie would classify her style as:  Classic with a Modern/Retro Flare

Her favorite shops: TJ Maxx & Stein Mart

Her favorite items: Skinny Jeans – Dress them up or throw them on with a tee

 Her dream items or closet: A Closet designed by Classy Closets. Everything would be organized and easy to find and get to. It would be filled with basic pieces and lots of accessories!

Important considerations when picking out an outfit: When you are 50 plus, one of the most important things
when choosing an outfit would be, does it look flattering and age

And now her daughter Darcy!

As Laurie’s daughter, no wonder Darcy got handed down some serious style!

Darcy (on the left) is perfectly rocking this great grey dress with the mustard cardigan, perfect color pop! I also adore the chunky bracelet to tie it all together, so cute!

Darcy’s Style: Boho Glam
Her favorite shops: Forever 21 & Banana Republic

I know I am repeating this photo….it is just too cute! I love this striped maxi dress on Darcy. The cardigan and necklace go perfectly without making it “too much.” Like I have said so many times….simplicity is key.

Her favorite item: Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (they go with everything)

Dream Items: Kate Spade Items and Jimmy Choo shoes

Important Considerations when choosing an outfit: 3 considerations:
– Corporate Looks – needs to be dressy, trendy, and ok for a bike
(yes heels do work on a bike)
– Out on the Town – Love skinny jeans with flowing tops – flats or heels
– Around with the Girls – comfortable but not frumpy

And finally Gwen! The “fashion rookie” of the bunch


This little girl definitely knows how to pose. 🙂 Do her sandals come in my size? Such a cute little Summer outfit!

Gwen’s Style: Sporty Retro
Her favorite shops: Old Navy, Hissyfits & Naartije

With such little clothes, Gwen only takes up half a closet, but that half is jam packed with adorable outfits!

Her favorite item: Yoga Pants & Dresses
Dream Items: Hello Kitty Shirt  (hey me too! 🙂 )

Again these sandals are so cute! And I am in love with this retro look she has going. The great green color and pattern along with the Peter Pan collar…just perfect! And of course you just have to love that bow.

Important Considerations when picking out clothing: Style & Comfort

 And such a great pose! Once again I love the pattern on this dress, retro and fun!

So Congrats to Laurie, Darcy, and Gwen! We will contact you soon in regards to your Alisier skirt! You all will have to decide who gets it! 😉

We all loved reading and experiencing your style so thank you for the great entry!

And also! thank you to everyone who entered, it really was a tough choice you were all great!

If you are anxious for another giveaway…. stay tuned! You never know when the next one will be! Have a great weekend and as always feel free to share! Thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Amy

A day in the life of Etsy

I have found some amazing Etsy items that just need to be shared!

The first few finds come from a 50s inspired and eclectic shop called Dotto. I just love her style and unique take on the 50s fashions.

I especially love this fisherman’s coat. It is an awesome laid back look for spring coming up. Want Want Want!!!

Also from this shop I found my dream khakis!! High waist-ed, and relaxed fit beauties! I wish I could buy everything in her shop!

So while wearing these wonderful pants, I would be sitting in this wonderful chair, surrounded by furniture from this wonderful shop: Old New House who also happens to be the current Etsy featured seller!

And love this rug!

Along with this, a wonderful handmade leather purse from Art on Crafts

And not to mention some great Mid-Century Modern furniture from Lunar Lounge Design. This shop has some really great retro pieces!

And to top it all off I would have this amazing handmade mug from OC Pottery full of coffee!!  Again, lots of unique pieces in this shop!

 Thanks for reading and have a good night!!

❤ Amy