Dear Golden: dear goodness!

Dear Golden, my friends, is an AMAZING vintage shop on Etsy that has commanded my attention! Take a look!

dooney and bourke bag- $36.00

floral blouse-$34

70s t-strap heels- $138.00

 60s mustard wool cape-$98.00

blanc de blanc Sweater-$28.00

60s fur collar coat-$165.00

novelty print dress-$120.00

50s silk floral dress-$145.00

❤ Amy

Afford-ably Adorable

I am personally always looking for deals.  Tonight’s post is focused on outfits and looks for affordable prices! I made a few different looks, under a few different price ranges.  Being stylish and fashionable, does not mean you have to go into debt! The best part is, that all of these pieces are great for mixing and matching. These could all be staples in your wardrobe.

Under $70
Under $150
Under $250
Have a great night!
❤ Amy

Just A Little Girly

On This lovely Sunday, filled with friends and relaxing, i felt the need to discover some Etsy amazingness. Who knew I would find an AMAZING handmade leather shoe shop from Italy!? I am in love with the Oxfords below, and to go along with their romantic edge….some feminine inspired Etsy finds. Enjoy!

//1>Strapless sweetheart dress-Jennafer Grace-$44 // 2>Sofia Oxfords- Ele Handmade- $172 (love all the amazing shoes!!) // 3>Desert Star Turban Headband-Rum Rasina-$12.50 // 4>Abstractions Aside illustration print-Leigh Viner-$28 // 5>Bike Bracelet-Fabulous Time-$2.89//

❤ Amy

Get your booty in Gear

Get your booty in Gear

$490 –

Ash black booties
$435 –

Roxy boots

High heel boots

H&m shoes
$40 –

H&m shoes
$40 –

Three for the Money

Oh me oh my! I cannot believe I am already at number three! Crazy! Only two more posts until our wonderful surprise 100th post! Can you take a guess as to what it will be?

For our beautiful number 3, I am focusing on the wonderfulness of sheer shirts! I saw this amazing look on Global Street Snap and thought I would put together 3 great looks featuring sheer tops.  I have really loved sheer tops this very hot hot summer!

First off: my inspiration from Alexandra Per, from Vigo, Spain

Sheer Love- no. 1
Sheer Love No. 2
Sheer Love No. 3
❤ Amy

Let’s Cuddle Up

If you were me, you would be sitting here at 8 in the morning, with a fan pointed directly at you, while its a lovely 82 degrees out…at 8 in the morning.  But if you were any where else but here you would be happily winding down your summer and preparing for the best time of the year ever! FALL! You get to wear scarves and coats, boots and tights and everything in between. At least if you live any where but Phoenix.

That’s besides the point. While living in Switzerland, Fall was my absolute favorite. It was a season I got to enjoy but dragging out those coats I only seldom got to wear. So let’s take a look at a few of my favorite items to savor this fall.

First off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this belted jacket from forever 21!

Although I already have some like these….I still need this pair of Steve Madden Boots from Norstrom

I am sucker for a cozy sweater, and this beauty from Spool 72 is no exception!

Finally I found this hipster magnet of a scarf from Blue Birds Fly Boutique on Etsy. So simple and so cozy looking!

Keep dreaming of colder weather my dears!

❤ Amy

I’d Go Anywhere

I'd Go Anywhere

Denim shirt

Pleated skirt

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Matthew Williamson studded clutch
$1,555 –


Mango resin jewelry
$28 –

Happy as a Mint and Coral Clam

I feel a color post coming on! I was thinking about color today. If you read my previous posts about the use of color in your wardrobe, you know I LOVE color. So I am going to explore some amazing items that accentuate two of my favorite colors, mint and coral!

//geometric necklace from the swan lake//

//coral bracelet from Alisha Baird//

//Mint Peek-a-boo sweetheart dress from vivat veritas//

//mint leather bangle bracelets from leather wraps//

//coral chiffon skirt from mokkafiveoclock//

//chevron striped tee from Jessalin Beutler//

//Mint peach coral and ivory studded earrings from Exquisite Artistry//

//soft leather coral ballet flats from The White Ribbon//

//Abe Lincoln Quote from Mary Kate McDevitt//

Sharing is caring! 😉

❤ Amy


So while at a recent Phoenix event, The Big Brain Awards, my sister met this girl who stood out among the rest! She was rocking some amazingly unique vintage  pieces. Her name is Adrian Lesoing and  She also happens to own this great vintage shop on Etsy! Superstition Vintage has a great collection of unique retro looks, that definitely will catch your eye. If you are looking for some great vintage pieces take a look at Superstition Vintage! Below is the picture my sister Katie snapped at the event, of this girl’s amazing outfit!

And here are some pieces in her shop that I fell for! Love them!

//Vintage dress in mint with collar//

//Vintage White Short Sleeved Blouse//

//Vintage White slip on Sandals//

Thank you Adrian for sharing your style and love for vintage! 😀

On deck…. Earth day! Sustainable and green fashion and styles!

❤ Amy

Oh Man! Chronicles of the Stylish Man

Here’s to all the stylish guys or to the guys who wanna be stylish out there. This one is for you.  A friend of mine introduced me to Travis Ladue, our featured stylish guy of the week. I had the great opportunity of meeting up with Travis personally to hold a small photo shoot featuring his closet and style, to show you guys out there that fashion and style is definitely not just for girls. I would have to say that Travis may have more style and poise than any guy I have ever met!

I am also using this post to plug our quickly approaching  contest deadline! See the end of this post for more details. 🙂

So everyone…. meet Travis! Such an amazingly nice guy, I can’t believe we got him to help us out on this!

Amy: Tell us about yourself…What do you do, where are you from?
 Travis: I am an Arizona native. Born and raised in Tempe. I’m about a month away from completing my degree in graphic design at ASU. If that wasn’t enough I work at TunnelBravo, a Mesa based graphic design firm.
Shirt: Vintage (from my grandfather) T-Shirt: The Gap. Pants: Levis
The things Travis always has with him
Amy: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Travis: It really depends on what I’m looking for. I tend to get staples like plain t-shirts at the Gap, button downs and other miscellaneous items at J.Crew, and jeans where ever I can get a good deal on Levi’s.
Amy: Do you have any closet staples/things you couldn’t go one week without?
Travis: Levi’s 511s, I wear jeans year-round, they are a definite closet staple.
Shirt: The Gap. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
Shirt: J.Crew. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
Shirt: J.Crew. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Sperry Top Siders
Amy: What is the most inspiring place you have visited?
Travis: I get inspiration for my work every time I step out of my bubble; every time I get to travel and experience something new, I am inspired. I recently traveled to Palm Springs and I am still getting inspiration from that trip. So until my next vacation, I will say Palm Springs.
Jacket: J.Crew. Sweater: J.Crew. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
Amy: To you, what is most important when choosing a days attire?
Travis: Comfort, if something isn’t comfortable, you will be in a bad mood all day.
Shirt: Banana Republic. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
And now for my favorite look! I absolutely loved all of his clothes, but these amazing Hawaiian Reyn Spooner shirts were just amazing! Not just any guy could rock these, but Travis does with ease!

Shirt: Reyn Spooner. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Sperry Top Siders

Amy: Do you have a favorite spot in Phoenix? 
Travis: At night, driving down the 51 south, when you hit Northern and you can see the entire valley lit up.

Simplicity! No crazy shoes, simple staples that will go with almost everything and compliment it!

Amy: Do you have any tips for guys who strive for a fresh stylish influence in their wardrobe, without totally going over the top?
Travis: Don’t get too crazy. Make sure you know your strong suits and stick to them. For instance: I can’t wear certain colors, so I stay far away from them.
But if you want to add something fresh, start small. Like adding some crazy colored socks into the mix.

So you are probably sitting there thinking that you have seen this guy somewhere before…. Well you probably havent, but he does look a lot like this guy! ( Travis is constantly mistaken for Jake Gyllenhaal) 😉 go figure

Best part is, is that Jake Gyllenhaal was in Phoenix, and was mistaken for Travis!

   So you think you have what it takes to show off your style and wardrobe like Travis? Yeah I think you do too! You can enter now, to win the chance to be featured here like Travis (and Amber) AND win an Alisier skirt from Katie Jean Designs!  So here are the specifics of what I need from you! And remember the deadline is SUNDAY APRIL 15th! 

  Send at least 5 pictures to Amy, (me) @, with “In (Your name here)’s Closet” in the subject line. These pictures should be of your closet (no matter how messy ;) ), your favorite outfits, your style, or what ever you think will express your style! It could be your clothes, accessories, shoes or bags! Anything you think will wow us!  Along with the pictures,please send some amazing answer’s to the following questions . (Once a winner is chosen, we may ask some more questions to add to the blog post)

– Describe your style!

–  Where is your favorite place to shop?

–   What is your favorite item in your closet?

–  What does your dream closet look like/filled with?

– What is most important to you when choosing out outfits?

Also! Once I get your email, I will add you , so you can post your pictures onto my Pinterest board labeled “In Your Closet…” and keep your eye on the competition!

Spread the word! Tell all your friends, and share this on Facebook! I know you want to save this all for yourself, so you can win the skirt and blog feature, but the more people, the more fun this will be!

The cut off date for all of this wonderful madness is April 15th! So get crackin’! You only have a few days left!!!!

So Thank you Travis for letting us into your stylish wardrobe! We love seeing guys style! It’s not something you see every day on fashion blogs. Thank you all for reading and look out for a couple of other great  interviews and features coming soon!

❤ Amy