Hey Good Lookin’

Whew! This year has already gotten so hectic, but I am loving it!

So I apologize for the lack of postage. But with February Fourteen just around the corner…lets talk about some lovely items I found for the men  this week!

Grey knitted wool scarf- AndyVeErin- $60.00

Knit Cardigan- Also from AndyVeEirn -$125

60’s Pendelton Coat- a glass jar- $78

waxed canvas backpack- Moop- $234

and finally… don’t these look so cozy!?

Knitted Socks- RG Ideas- $74


Have a good night all!

❤ Amy


Manstyle: and how Urban Outfitters can change your life

All you girls out there can agree, a well dressed man is the best thing since sliced bread. I mean one of the big things I miss from Europe is all the guys actually dressing the way a man should. That means, no basketball shorts with a t-shirt, or pants that hang down where they definitely shouldn’t.

Anyways, point is, I love well-dressed men. Let’s take a look at some Manstyle shall we?

First of all, all you girls already know that Ryan Gossling knows what’s up. So yeah, that explains it. Love his style. period.

Along with these guys… love it all. Guys…take notes.

So guys if you are wondering where you can get such wonderful items…..well that’s what I am here for.

There are many many stores that carry amazing men’s wear, not gonna ignore the fact ( ZARA for example…amazing), but one of my favorite stores lately has been Urban Outfitters. They have a great selection and variety of styles. And everything is just wonderful. So that’s a plus

Western Shirt from Urban Outfitters- $54.00

Baseball Jacket- Urban Outfitters- $59.00

Polka Dot Collared Shirt- Urban Outfitters- $79.00

Long Sleeved Plaid Shirt- Urban Outfitters- $64.00

Cropped Trench Coat- Urban Outfitters- $68.00

Vanishing Elephant V-Neck Sweater- Urban Outfitters- $120.00

 That would be a start guys. Stay tuned for Manstyle shoes, and other nonsense.

❤ Amy