Leather Love

This week (although it is only Tuesday) Has been crazy! On top of being sick, it just seems like I get busier and busier! Well luckily to take my mind off all of this, I found this beautiful shop I hate U Leather, with even more beautiful bags.

I Hate U Leather, I LOVE U!

Leather Shoulder Bag-$149

Black leather shoulder bag- $149

Black Shoulder bag-$190

Leather Purse-$129

❤ Amy

Consider Me Amazed

It’s a rainy day in Phoenix. Wait, what? A rainy day in Phoenix? Now that’s rare.

As I am working with my sister today, sitting by the window, I can’t help but to look out the window and stare at the gloomy sky. And yes, my sister and I decided it was a good enough day to start. Start listening to christmas music. Yeah, we get a huge head start. It’s an obsession.

Anyways, I noticed the featured seller on Etsy today, and oh my word, consider me amazed. The bags made by Mercy Leather Work, are anything but ordinary. With such intricate handiwork, it is impossible not to notice them. Take a look at these beauties and swoon with me. 🙂

Leather Back Pack- $275

Waxed Canvas and Leather Backpack- $275

Deluxe Laptop Messanger Bag- $345

have a beautiful day

❤ Amy