For those who will wed

So even though I am not getting married anytime soon…(that would require a male counterpart, correct?) a bunch of you are! And just as much as any other girl, my wedding is already planned down to the color of the groom’s shoelaces.

Ha no, I wish, but I have had my eye on somethings that I think are absolutely amazing. Enjoy!

First of all…. can we talk about how gorgeous this whole wedding/wedding party is?? What the gorgeous! Found on Green Wedding Shoes: Photographed by Three Nails Photography

I love the use of succulents! Such a cool and unique way to spruce up your flowers!

Take a look at some of the some of the other inspirations I  have come to adore

Elandra Lace and Silk Wedding Dress- From Leanne Marshall- $895

From Green Wedding Shoes- Paige Lowe Photography

From Green Wedding Shoes- Paige Lowe Photography

Woodsy flower halo-Mignonne Handmade-$72

Ruffled Blog Pat Furey Photography

Ruffled BlogTeale Photography

Good night! ❤ Amy


Swinging Sixties Inspiration

So in the past month or so, I have latched on to the amazing beauty and simplicity of the 60s style. While browsing Pinterest once again, (big surprise) I found this loaded Tumblr, with pages and pages (literally 1800 pages!!)  of authentic photos from the “swinging sixties.” I sat for just about an hour, going through these awesome pictures.Just a warning, going to this site may lead to hours lost. 😉 I was also excited to find out, there are similar sites dedicated to the 50s and 70s! Might save those for future posts….

Along with these pictures, I have found some Etsy shops where you could find similar looks. Get your vintage on!

all vintage photos come from

Original Sixties swim suit has that “beach party” vibe to it

I found an awesome shop that specializes in vintage styled swim suits… I just love her stuff and can’t wait for it to get warmer!

The shop is called Fables by Barrie! This suit pictured below happens to be on sale! 😉

This lacy look can actually be found in one of Katie Jean’s Designs! One of my favorite items in her shop actually 🙂 It gives a more updated style to the lacy top above.

Design: Katie Jean ; Photography; Ventola Photography ; Accessories: Mignonne Handmade

Next there is this adorable collared dress….

This Etsy find caught my eye due to the  updated styling. I loved the fabric used, the accessories, all down to the location of the photo shoot too. This shop is definitely one to keep my eye on.

This dress is from Whispy Love. Love the rest of her stuff too!!

This is the last one for now… Loving the drop waist and simplicity to it all..

And now this last Etsy shop, have some really amazing stuff! I want to go buy everything! Such a cute retro inspired style. Absolutely wonderful! The shop name is Vivat Veritas. This drop waist dress gives the original look a modern twist that makes it a little more casual and fitting for today :)…and again…. LOVE the mustard color!

This was such a fun post to write, so look out for future posts like this. May have to continue with the 60s and eventually the 50s and 70s!

Goodnight! ❤ Amy