My Kind of Holiday

I love the holidays. I could listen to Christmas music over and over, makes me feel at home and just plain happy.

I am currently in the phases of preparing for a small holiday party this Monday night (yeah, don’t know why a Monday, I guess a case of the Mondays always could use a cure.) Pinterest has once again sucked me into planning the entire party on a secret board. Let’s just say this party is going to be pretty great, not gonna lie. I will be sure to post pictures once all is said and done.


Any who on another exciting note… I want to informally announce that there are big changes coming for this blog! It’s a small ways off and I can’t really say much, but that it will be amazing! Keep a weather eye out….. 😉

Finally, to the point of my post. This encompasses everything I am loving this holiday season…. enjoy!

French macarons- sweet sarah- $29.00

Chevron Clutch – Belle de Benoir- $25.00

No mantle? No problem! Here are 10 alternate ways to hang those stockings!

alternative mantle from Holidash

Burgandy Velvet Skirt- Miracle Eye- $40.00

DSC0240 Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments

Tutorial from Katy Elliot

Enjoy your weekend!

Holiday Mixer

THis season, I have seen lots of mixing. Whether it be mixing of patterns, textures, colors, it’s everywhere…and it’s something you should give a shot. Although you may think mixing patterns could end up looking like a thrift shop outfit gone wrong, there are ways to incorporate this interest into your outfit, without going overboard. The same goes for texture!

Let’s take a look shall we?

The first and holiday appropriate look I found on Anthropologie.

Glinted Sunset Shift-Glinted Sunset Shift

Why this works for me:

The bold colors in the dress balance out the lighter shades in the jacket. The brocade of the jacket goes nicely with the sequined shine of the dress. Both pieces are pretty bold, but the colors off set each other, and make it all flow perfectly.

Look Number 2:

Vintage Tapestry Floral Jacket, Vintage Ruffled Silk Blouse, Herringbone Skirt

Why this works:

This look is a little bit more tame than the first. We have a floral blazer with a small patterned skirt. The colors of the blazer help brighten and soften the pattern on the skirt. A fun contrast! Love it!

Another Look From Anthropologie

Why this works:

I love the mixture of different sizes of dots in this ensemble. The inverted colors pop and are oh so fun! Then you add the embellished sparkly skirt, and you are all set for the holidays. Such a fun quirky look!

Have a great Monday!