Can we just talk about this for a second….

hello darlings!

I just wanted to share this amazing outfit I saw on Look Book! Love this for fall! Actually all of this girl’s looks are pretty stellar. 🙂 You can find this one and more HERE.

Enjoy your afternoon!  And don’t forget to enter to win a lace shift dress HERE.


Three for the Money

Oh me oh my! I cannot believe I am already at number three! Crazy! Only two more posts until our wonderful surprise 100th post! Can you take a guess as to what it will be?

For our beautiful number 3, I am focusing on the wonderfulness of sheer shirts! I saw this amazing look on Global Street Snap and thought I would put together 3 great looks featuring sheer tops.  I have really loved sheer tops this very hot hot summer!

First off: my inspiration from Alexandra Per, from Vigo, Spain

Sheer Love- no. 1
Sheer Love No. 2
Sheer Love No. 3
❤ Amy

Put a Lid on it

I’m back! So sorry for the absence, but I am finally back in town for awhile. I have been loving hats this summer! They add the perfect touch to any cute summer outfit. Floppy ones, straw ones, felt ones, and vintage ones, I love them all. Not only are they just plain awesome, but the also (most of the time) protect your pretty little face from the sun. Take a gander at these beauties and put a lid on it!

Straw Fedora- Anthropologie- $88.00

Felt Floppy Hat- Urban Outfitters-$34.00


Luau Hat- Urban Outfitters-$34.00

Black Bowler Hat- Urban Outfitters-$29.00

Vintage Straw Fedora- Raleigh Vintage-$68.00

Thanks for reading!

❤ Amy