Raspberry Mojitos and Frienditos

My wonderful friend Taylor invited me over for some much needed Mojito action and pool time. Living in Arizona, it’s almost a necessity.

Being the fabulous mixologist that she is, she gave me her directions for some yummy Raspberry Mojitos. Try them out and enjoy!


Bring in the Preserves” 

What you’ll need: 

2 oz Raspberry Preserves (or blueberry or blackberry) 

7 Fresh plucked mint leaves

1 oz Lime Juice

2 oz White Rum

Splash of Sparkling Water

1. Start with your preserves of choice and the freshly plucked mint and muddle. For those of you unfamiliar with the process of muddling,  basically mix together until mashed and all the flavors are just ready to take on the the rum!

2. Add your lime juice and Rum and top with sparkling water and some ice cubes! That’s it! You could even get fancy and add some mint leaves to the top for garnish.










Enjoy Loves!

❤ Amy (and Taylor)

The Night We Wined and Dined

Hello all!

Hope your summer is treating you all splendidly!  Lately, one of my good friends from Germany has been in town! She was an exchange student in Sedona about two years ago, and is just amazing! We had a day of shopping and then she offered to cook dinner for me! She made a delicious meal of Stir-fried vegetables and a delicious olive oil-garlic couscous with tomatoes! Alright the couscous was ready made, but it sure was delicious! It was a fun night of wine, spontaneous portraits and delicious food.

Love you Marie!! xoxo


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Phx Eats:: Cafe Otro

So this post may be a bit delayed, but why not! So my sister and I picked up my nephew from school and needed some grubbage. So we decided to check out a new restaurant in Phoenix, an extension of Gallo Blanco. Cafe Otro is a smaller scale version of the well known Gallo Blanco, featuring some AMAZING new world Mexican food. This stuff is fresh, delicious, and unique. The setting was perfect as well! Loved the simple modern decor. Really had a great atmosphere. Overall a wonderful experience and efinitely would recommend!

The Most Amazing Quinoa salad you will ever have….

The most amazing Vegetable Paella you will ever have. No joke, this stuff’s incredible

❤ Amy & Katie