What Happened to the Wonder?

Happy Thursday!

Yep. Thursday. Thats right, that means it’s almost Friday…. (cue some sort of happy music)

Today I have been a little insightful. Who would have guessed that a Thursday would make me think about life.

Awhile back, when I was living abroad, I created notes on Facebook being all insightful and deep. Yeah, doesn’t happen too often now, but looking back at these notes got me thinking…. Here is one of the little blurbs I wrote as a highschooler: What Happened to the Wonder?

“I wondered today, what was it like when I heard thunder for the first time. I thought, as babies, we have no idea what this monstrous sound coming from the sky is. And rain? Water falling from the sky. Think about it. ITS CRAZY!!!! The natural wonders of the world seem so everyday to us. What happened to the wonder? Why is it that snow and rain have become a hassle rather than a blessing? Maybe thats why kids have so much fun. They still have the wonder of rain and snow. They see it as an amazing miracle that is bestowed upon them. Why cant we keep this wonder as adults too? Maybe then we might enjoy life more.”

For real everyone. Why have we stopped being curious about the world? It makes you wonder how much happier we would be if we held onto that wonder and and amazement. I challenge you all… take a moment sometime this upcoming weekend to explore, be curious, and take risks! Act like a kid! Run through the rain (if applicable), explore somewhere you have never been, or even just take the long way to work (or wherever you are going) to admire the beauty around you. Take a moment to enjoy and experience your surroundings!

(my adorable nephew enjoying a moment up north at our cabin)

We are magnificent people and humans, just by being. Don’t settle for information. Strive for experiences!

You will never know everything, so why not try and explore and experience everything while you can?

Sorry for getting all “motivational speaker” on you all…just some thoughts running through my head today.

Hope you are all enjoying your week and have a marvelous weekend! I would love to hear all about your adventures!

❤ Amy