Case of the Monday’s

It’s that day of the week.


The day where you are whipped back to reality, and all the joys of a life. 🙂 But today, is not just any Monday…..

It’s Cyber Monday! Hopefully you didn’t get trampled this past Friday and found some great deals, Black Friday shopping. But if you are like me… I chose sleep instead, and choose today to online shop!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy deals of today!

I love you state art- $20.00- Hop Skip Jump Paper

Rose Gold Letter Necklace- $33.30- Olive Yew Jewels

Rose Gold Stud Earrings- $23.40- Olive Yew Jewels

Custom Stationary stamp- $42.00-Pretty Chic SF

Shop Happy!

❤ Amy


Fleet Collection Special!

The lovely Lisa from Fleet Collection featured in my last post has offered all of you wonderful readers a great discount off the merchandise  off her website, This coupon is only good until April 15th at 11:50 PST, so treat yourself!

15% off for Fleet Collectuion!

 Coupon code: KTJEAN15

Thanks a million Lisa! I am heading to your website right now! 🙂

❤ Amy

Valid until March 10th!

Nicole from Dotto, one of the shops featured in A day in the life of etsy, wanted to share a coupon for her shop for all of our readers!

Valid until March 10th only!!!!

Good for 20% off any order by just entering the code KTblog 😀

Thanks Nicole! You Rock!

Another wonderful item from Dotto!

 ❤ Amy