Sparkly Rings and Pretty Things

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If you know me, then you know I am a jewelry fanatic. Some say I am obsessed, I say it’s my passion. I have focused recently a lot on clothes accessories or home decor, but have yet to devote a … Continue reading

Need to love: Texture and Printed Madness

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Two things I love in outfits, is a great unique print, or a wonderful rich texture. The best is when you can have both! Being the online window shopper that I am, I found some wonderful pieces that feature great … Continue reading

The Color Wheel Dilemma

Ladies and Gentelmen……. the color wheel!

I remember learning in elementary school all about the color wheel. The primary colors, secondary, and tertiary. We also learned about complimentary colors. Blue and orange, red and green, and yellow and purple.  I always considered these colors a little bit gaudy and in your face combinations. Something used in a holiday (Christmas) or a sports team (Broncos). Recently I have seen the potential in these great combos. The key is, to not choose the same shade of each color. For example, bright grass green and apple red. Instead….. you go with one of my favorite color combos…. mint and red!

Photo from Look Book

Now although this next outfit doesn’t have any bright bright red, I love the light mint, paired with the light coral. PS LOVE THIS BLOG!

 Photo from The Blonde Salad

It’s also great in interiors!

Photo From Adobe Love

 Photo From Adobe Love

And Purple and Yellow! 

Plus Leopard print!!

 Photo From Musings in Femininity

Photo from Belle Maison

And Blue and orange, or navy and orange rather. I am loving zig zag lately.

Photo from Deliciously Organized

Photo from ASOS

Again…. Zig zag hehe 😉

Photo From Apartment Therapy

Ciao for now! ❤ Amy

Just had to! Late Night Treat

Bisous Chic!!! Before collapsing into a deep sleep tonight I found this AMAZING blog. I am in love. She pairs adorable fashion with even cuter interiors. You should go look at this and fall in love too. Goodnight! PS. I will not normally write 3 posts in one day…. today was just too much fun! ❤ Amy