Locally yours

You know the type. The person who only buys their shoes from Italy, their wine from France and their watches from Switzerland. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I personally own a jacket from Italy, a  watch from Switzerland … Continue reading

Go big or go bold

Tonight was a first for me as a blogger! While sitting down for dinner with my sister and our Japanese exchange student Melisa at  True Foods Kitchen in Phoenix, I noticed something interesting at the table next to us. There were two men sitting there, and I couldn’t help but notice the one man’s style! First of all, he had this amazing large ring on. I had never seen anything like it before! It was so unique and eccentric I couldn’t help but notice it. Throughout dinner, my sister and I kept discussing whether or not I should ask him to take a picture of him and his ring. Finally I got up the guts, explained who I was and what this was for and asked him for a picture of him and his amazing ring. It wasn’t until he turned to talk to me that I realized how great his look was!

So here’s to noticing awesome style in strangers and doing something about it!

Meet Dawid! (Pronounced Dah-veed) Such a cool name!

Although he is usually in Colorado snowboarding, Dawid is in Phoenix for the winter occupying himself with volunteer work and the opening of a couple art galleries in downtown Phoenix.  He also hosts couch surfers from all over! He was at dinner with his father, so we got a picture of both of them as well!

This guy just amazes me! The shoes, the socks, everything about his look this evening rocked.

Because it was so dark, it was hard to get a good picture of this epic ring. Dawid said it was Moroccan and one-of-a-kind. And I thought my rings were outrageous and unique! Also notice his earring which I didn’t realize was so cool,  until he turned his head the first time.

 What I loved most about his whole vibe was that there were some many unique things about him, that flowed perfectly together. With so many cool items, it could look unfocused or  disconnected. His look was effortless and perfect for his persona.

My sister joked that my picture quality wasn’t that good because I don’t have an iPhone. So I apologize for the “not perfect” quality. Was the best I could do for the moment! Will say though, that these pictures don’t do his amazing style justice what so ever!  Thanks for sharing your uniqueness with me, Dawid!

Loved this chance meeting, will definitely be keeping my eye out for more stylish Phoenicians!

❤ Amy