What Happened to the Wonder?

Happy Thursday!

Yep. Thursday. Thats right, that means it’s almost Friday…. (cue some sort of happy music)

Today I have been a little insightful. Who would have guessed that a Thursday would make me think about life.

Awhile back, when I was living abroad, I created notes on Facebook being all insightful and deep. Yeah, doesn’t happen too often now, but looking back at these notes got me thinking…. Here is one of the little blurbs I wrote as a highschooler: What Happened to the Wonder?

“I wondered today, what was it like when I heard thunder for the first time. I thought, as babies, we have no idea what this monstrous sound coming from the sky is. And rain? Water falling from the sky. Think about it. ITS CRAZY!!!! The natural wonders of the world seem so everyday to us. What happened to the wonder? Why is it that snow and rain have become a hassle rather than a blessing? Maybe thats why kids have so much fun. They still have the wonder of rain and snow. They see it as an amazing miracle that is bestowed upon them. Why cant we keep this wonder as adults too? Maybe then we might enjoy life more.”

For real everyone. Why have we stopped being curious about the world? It makes you wonder how much happier we would be if we held onto that wonder and and amazement. I challenge you all… take a moment sometime this upcoming weekend to explore, be curious, and take risks! Act like a kid! Run through the rain (if applicable), explore somewhere you have never been, or even just take the long way to work (or wherever you are going) to admire the beauty around you. Take a moment to enjoy and experience your surroundings!

(my adorable nephew enjoying a moment up north at our cabin)

We are magnificent people and humans, just by being. Don’t settle for information. Strive for experiences!

You will never know everything, so why not try and explore and experience everything while you can?

Sorry for getting all “motivational speaker” on you all…just some thoughts running through my head today.

Hope you are all enjoying your week and have a marvelous weekend! I would love to hear all about your adventures!

❤ Amy

A day to browse Etsy…

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your Monday so far! It has been a rainy one here… Wait. What? Yes. Rain! I am loving this right now. Anywho, so sorry about the lack of postage! We are so excited for Wilhelm’s Daughters to launch! We have had a few setbacks with the new design, but hope to have it up and running very soon! I am so excited to start this new little adventure.


In the meantime…. Let’s just look at how rad this all is. Agreed…right??

pumpkin/origami paper lamp shade-twReborn- $44.54

crab cuff-Butterscotch of Brooklyn- $290Liberty of London Garden Party Dress- Mrs Pomeranz- $482.26

Hyper Mountains Ring- Lunatic Art- $111.66

Enjoy your evening!

❤ Amy

Raspberry Mojitos and Frienditos

My wonderful friend Taylor invited me over for some much needed Mojito action and pool time. Living in Arizona, it’s almost a necessity.

Being the fabulous mixologist that she is, she gave me her directions for some yummy Raspberry Mojitos. Try them out and enjoy!


Bring in the Preserves” 

What you’ll need: 

2 oz Raspberry Preserves (or blueberry or blackberry) 

7 Fresh plucked mint leaves

1 oz Lime Juice

2 oz White Rum

Splash of Sparkling Water

1. Start with your preserves of choice and the freshly plucked mint and muddle. For those of you unfamiliar with the process of muddling,  basically mix together until mashed and all the flavors are just ready to take on the the rum!

2. Add your lime juice and Rum and top with sparkling water and some ice cubes! That’s it! You could even get fancy and add some mint leaves to the top for garnish.










Enjoy Loves!

❤ Amy (and Taylor)

The Night We Wined and Dined

Hello all!

Hope your summer is treating you all splendidly!  Lately, one of my good friends from Germany has been in town! She was an exchange student in Sedona about two years ago, and is just amazing! We had a day of shopping and then she offered to cook dinner for me! She made a delicious meal of Stir-fried vegetables and a delicious olive oil-garlic couscous with tomatoes! Alright the couscous was ready made, but it sure was delicious! It was a fun night of wine, spontaneous portraits and delicious food.

Love you Marie!! xoxo


Untitled-1 IMG_2891IMG_2867IMG_2881IMG_2861IMG_2880

Anywhere but here…

During summer, really the only place I want to be is anywhere but Phoenix. With consistant temperatures above 105 it’s pretty miserable.

I got the chance to travel with a high school-age choir from my parents church. We went all over Southern California, where the girls preformed their show, served the homeless, and spread the love. Of course we ended at Disneyland… just had to! Here are some of my favorite moments I captured from our little trip 🙂

Introducing:: Wilhelm’s Daughters!

Well like I have mentioned in posts past, we will be going through some changes on this blog. About a year ago, Katie and I decided to take this to the next level and update our look and identity. We thought long and hard about all the possible names, logos, colors, styles. We finally settled on our new name: Wilhelm’s Daughters.

It all stems from our great great grandfather Wilhelm Kuhne who came to America from Germany with his Swiss sweetheart, O’Tilly Wettstein. They ended up in Illinois with Wilhelm working as a dressmaker in downtown Chicago. The creativity was passed down from generation to generation, filling our family tree with photographers, painters, seamstresses, and even a toy designer. You could say that creativity is in our blood. As Katie Jean Designs makes it’s move to Brooklyn, New York, we introduce our new site (coming soon) where we, Wilhelm’s Daughters, share our loves, our style, and anything else we feel like sharing with you all! You can follow our adventures in Phoenix and Brooklyn, with our favorite local spots, new favorite trends, or finds, and everything in between!

Our site is not quite ready to launch, but we will of course let all you beautiful people know as soon as it’s ready for you to see! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!
Wilhelm's Daughters

❤ Amy and Katie

an evening with the family: Happy Birthday Jonce!

As much as I can, I try and spend time with my sister (Katie of Katie Jean Designs) and her amazing family. Last night we got to celebrate her husband Jonce’s birthday! I love getting some practice with my camera, and loved even more getting to capture this great night. Katie and Jonce will soon be moving along with their two little boys, Caden and Clive, so I am trying to soak up as much time with them as I can. 

I decided to help Katie out and make dinner and a cake for the evening. We made raw vegan tacos (one of our faves) from My New Roots. This recipe is amazing… you can find it HERE.




joncebday_8 joncebday_15 joncebday_20 joncebday_19

jonceclive2 joncebday_18 joncebday_17 joncebday_16jonceclive 1

Then I found this AMAZING new blog called This Rawsome Vegan Life. While drooling over all the recipes, I found a raw, vegan, carrot cake! Super simple to make and came out delicious! We topped it with lavender, pistachios and walnuts. The lavender added such an amazing flavor. You can find that recipe HERE.

joncebday_11 joncebday_2 joncebday_13



And the rest of the night was full of impromptu portraits, blowing out candles and chess….

joncebday_23 joncebday_35 joncebday_36 joncebday_40

garde joncebday_41


joncebday_48 joncebday_50joncebday_54joncebday_62 joncebday_65joncebday_66 joncebday_67 joncebday_68 joncebday_69 joncebday_71 joncebday_75 joncebday_77 joncebday_78 joncebday_80 joncebday_81 joncebday_82 joncebday_83 joncebday_84 joncebday_87 joncebday_91

joncebday_93 joncebday_96

boys1 joncebday_100 joncebday_103 joncebday_105 joncebday_113 joncebday_114 joncebday_118

What a beautiful family. Love you Jonce! Happy Birthday! 


❤ Amy 










Phx Eats:: Cafe Otro

So this post may be a bit delayed, but why not! So my sister and I picked up my nephew from school and needed some grubbage. So we decided to check out a new restaurant in Phoenix, an extension of Gallo Blanco. Cafe Otro is a smaller scale version of the well known Gallo Blanco, featuring some AMAZING new world Mexican food. This stuff is fresh, delicious, and unique. The setting was perfect as well! Loved the simple modern decor. Really had a great atmosphere. Overall a wonderful experience and efinitely would recommend!

The Most Amazing Quinoa salad you will ever have….

The most amazing Vegetable Paella you will ever have. No joke, this stuff’s incredible

❤ Amy & Katie

Social Station! Your new best friend

Some of you may know, I recently have been working my little bum off to promote the next best thing for events in Phoenix! As a joint venture between Ventola Photography and Largo Photography, we bring you….The Social Station!

This sexy little number is not your run of the mill photo booth. It’s our take on photo booth fun, mixed with socializing.

Not to make this a total self-promotion post, which it is, but I would like to just get the word out about this amazing product, that all you Phoenicians should know about/utilize!  Find more info at www.yoursocialstation.com or email me at yoursocialsales@gmail.com!

❤ Amy

Oh Man! Chronicles of the Stylish Man

Here’s to all the stylish guys or to the guys who wanna be stylish out there. This one is for you.  A friend of mine introduced me to Travis Ladue, our featured stylish guy of the week. I had the great opportunity of meeting up with Travis personally to hold a small photo shoot featuring his closet and style, to show you guys out there that fashion and style is definitely not just for girls. I would have to say that Travis may have more style and poise than any guy I have ever met!

I am also using this post to plug our quickly approaching  contest deadline! See the end of this post for more details. 🙂

So everyone…. meet Travis! Such an amazingly nice guy, I can’t believe we got him to help us out on this!

Amy: Tell us about yourself…What do you do, where are you from?
 Travis: I am an Arizona native. Born and raised in Tempe. I’m about a month away from completing my degree in graphic design at ASU. If that wasn’t enough I work at TunnelBravo, a Mesa based graphic design firm.
Shirt: Vintage (from my grandfather) T-Shirt: The Gap. Pants: Levis
The things Travis always has with him
Amy: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Travis: It really depends on what I’m looking for. I tend to get staples like plain t-shirts at the Gap, button downs and other miscellaneous items at J.Crew, and jeans where ever I can get a good deal on Levi’s.
Amy: Do you have any closet staples/things you couldn’t go one week without?
Travis: Levi’s 511s, I wear jeans year-round, they are a definite closet staple.
Shirt: The Gap. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
Shirt: J.Crew. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
Shirt: J.Crew. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Sperry Top Siders
Amy: What is the most inspiring place you have visited?
Travis: I get inspiration for my work every time I step out of my bubble; every time I get to travel and experience something new, I am inspired. I recently traveled to Palm Springs and I am still getting inspiration from that trip. So until my next vacation, I will say Palm Springs.
Jacket: J.Crew. Sweater: J.Crew. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
Amy: To you, what is most important when choosing a days attire?
Travis: Comfort, if something isn’t comfortable, you will be in a bad mood all day.
Shirt: Banana Republic. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Clarks Desert Boots
And now for my favorite look! I absolutely loved all of his clothes, but these amazing Hawaiian Reyn Spooner shirts were just amazing! Not just any guy could rock these, but Travis does with ease!

Shirt: Reyn Spooner. Pants: Levis. Shoes: Sperry Top Siders

Amy: Do you have a favorite spot in Phoenix? 
Travis: At night, driving down the 51 south, when you hit Northern and you can see the entire valley lit up.

Simplicity! No crazy shoes, simple staples that will go with almost everything and compliment it!

Amy: Do you have any tips for guys who strive for a fresh stylish influence in their wardrobe, without totally going over the top?
Travis: Don’t get too crazy. Make sure you know your strong suits and stick to them. For instance: I can’t wear certain colors, so I stay far away from them.
But if you want to add something fresh, start small. Like adding some crazy colored socks into the mix.

So you are probably sitting there thinking that you have seen this guy somewhere before…. Well you probably havent, but he does look a lot like this guy! ( Travis is constantly mistaken for Jake Gyllenhaal) 😉 go figure

Best part is, is that Jake Gyllenhaal was in Phoenix, and was mistaken for Travis!

   So you think you have what it takes to show off your style and wardrobe like Travis? Yeah I think you do too! You can enter now, to win the chance to be featured here like Travis (and Amber) AND win an Alisier skirt from Katie Jean Designs!  So here are the specifics of what I need from you! And remember the deadline is SUNDAY APRIL 15th! 

  Send at least 5 pictures to Amy, (me) @     afranhan@gmail.com, with “In (Your name here)’s Closet” in the subject line. These pictures should be of your closet (no matter how messy ;) ), your favorite outfits, your style, or what ever you think will express your style! It could be your clothes, accessories, shoes or bags! Anything you think will wow us!  Along with the pictures,please send some amazing answer’s to the following questions . (Once a winner is chosen, we may ask some more questions to add to the blog post)

– Describe your style!

–  Where is your favorite place to shop?

–   What is your favorite item in your closet?

–  What does your dream closet look like/filled with?

– What is most important to you when choosing out outfits?

Also! Once I get your email, I will add you , so you can post your pictures onto my Pinterest board labeled “In Your Closet…” and keep your eye on the competition!

Spread the word! Tell all your friends, and share this on Facebook! I know you want to save this all for yourself, so you can win the skirt and blog feature, but the more people, the more fun this will be!

The cut off date for all of this wonderful madness is April 15th! So get crackin’! You only have a few days left!!!!

So Thank you Travis for letting us into your stylish wardrobe! We love seeing guys style! It’s not something you see every day on fashion blogs. Thank you all for reading and look out for a couple of other great  interviews and features coming soon!

❤ Amy