A little something to set the mood

You get it. A girl loves her accessories. I have stressed this before and over and over… I just can’t stress it enough. Being a girl who lives on a budget, I have to watch the amount I spend on certain things. I end up going over my devised “limit” anyways. Its inevitable. My vast admiration for jewelry is somewhat clear, I’m freaking obsessed!  So here is some Etsy and other store finds that will increase your affinity to jewelry as well!

//Spool 72 feathered tuquoise necklace-out of stock//

It may be out of stock, but it’s still amazing!

//Love these earrings from Rachel Pfeffer Designs-$28//

//Great metal cuff from Ruche-$18.99//

//Silver Leather necklace from Smadar Shani-$40//

//Amazing Turquoise Watch from Spool 72-$32//

This summer I have really gotten into wearing watches. The brighter or more bold, the better! I feel that they get overlooked as practical accessories a lot of the time rather than amazing statement pieces. Go get yourself a watch!

That’s all for tonight!

❤ Amy


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