Sunday Night Rants

So the official deadline for “In your closet”  is in a few short hours! I might be a little leanent if I get a few tomorrow morning. 😉

We have gotten some great entries, but I have had very little time to post them on the Pinterest board, so you will just have to wait and see who the winner is! Katie and I will be mulling over the entries to pick the perfect winner, which will be very tough indeed. Hopefully we can have a winner chosen by the end of this week, so stay tuned for a great In Your Closet post. 🙂

So in the mean time, while all of you are rushing to send me your entries, here is my latest collection of Etsy finds! Enjoy!

All of these shops are incredibly unique and have wonderful style and flair to them. 🙂

//Custom Silhouette Portraits from happy thought//

//Colorful leather bracelet from Pardes//

//Pastel Crochet Headband from UTHA hats//

//Circular Desert Photo From Calamari Studio//

//Vintage Train Case from  The White Pepper//

//Sailor knot bracelet from Doble Ele//

//Embroidered Initial Necklace from Merriweather Council//

//Vintage Bird Planter from Pine and Main//

Keep an eye out for the winner of the Closet Contest!

‘Till next time

❤ Amy


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