Locally yours

You know the type. The person who only buys their shoes from Italy, their wine from France and their watches from Switzerland. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I personally own a jacket from Italy, a  watch from Switzerland and many other things from around the world. My aim of this post to celebrate all the wonderful things you can find right in my home state of Arizona! I once again scoured my lovely Etsy to find some wonderful pieces from all over the grand canyon state!  From all over the valley, I bring you a collection of all things local! Watch out for some more Locally Yours posts from cities all over! You think your city has great talent and style? Leave a comment with the city you want to be featured next! Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend and Easter!

//70s Chevron Stripe Dress from Old Age Vintage out of Tucson, Arizona//

//Backless loose top from Love Peace Vegan//

ps I NEED this! 😀

//Racerback dress from Love Peace Vegan out of Phoenix, Arizona//

//Great book page print from NestaHome out of Phoenix, Arizona//

//Super unique and modern painted arrow shirt from Karina Manarin out of Tempe, Arizona// 

//Hand-printed chevron striped pillow also from NestaHome out of Phoenix//

Now Of course we cannot forget our lovely friends at Mignonne Handmade and Ouma Clothing!

//Love this Maxi black cotton jersey and Tulle dress from Ouma out of Phoenix!//

Photo by Ventola Photography

And of course, Mignonne Handmade and Katie Jean go oh so well together!

//Love the silk blossom belt from Mignonne Handmade, and the raw silk boho gown from Katie Jean! Both out of Phoenix!//

Thanks for reading and DONT FORGET! “In Your Closet” Contest will be coming shortly to a close, send us your closet/style pictures for a chance to win an Alisier Skirt from Katie Jean!


❤ Amy

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