Inspiring 60s Love

I once again have taken to The Swinging Sixties tumblr for some amazing vintage shots! I didn’t have time to compare them to Etsy loves, but I challenge you to find me some great 60s inspired Etsy finds! Go for it! 🙂

Coats coats! I want to need a coat!

//Voguinett on Tumblr//

Fun, free, careless. Love the 60s style

//Aim My Arrows High on Tumblr//

Just amazing…. no other way to describe it.

//My Vintage Vogue on Tumblr//

Give me an office job any day, just so I can find a cute suit like this!

//Susies Snapshot on Tumblr//

No words… LOVE this! hehe 🙂

//Susies Snapshot on Tumblr//

Perfect for summer, yet again, stripes and love them paired with shorts!

//Susies Snapshot on Tumblr//

Love love love this coat! looks like so much fun! Wish I lived somewhere where I needed such a coat!

//Painting Day Dreams on Tumblr//

I love this dress style with simple collar and sleeves along with the belt. Not to mention… STRIPES!

//From Historiful//

COMING SOON!!! A great new personal “inside” feature and something else you should definitely should watch out for… can’t tell you yet, but it’s going to be BIG! 😉

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share!

❤ Amy

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