Flagstaff Finds

Happy Saturday! So I am currently hitting the town with my old work friends up in Flagstaff, Arizona. For those of you who don’t know, Flagstaff is 7000 feet high, and quite a different atmosphere than Phoenix, and not just in the weather sense. Coming back here makes me miss the laid back look that I once held so near and dear. So I went out today with my friends and took some wonderful pictures of some Flagstaff style and finds.

First off I start with the beautiful bestie of mine, Abigail. She pulls off this amazing mountain lodge mens sweater with ease. It looked great with her luscious blond locks and the aviators. Such an effortless and simple look!

We then went inside to an adorable shop called P.J. Chillcottage. They had some amazing looks and clothes that I would have bought right then and there.

Possibly by far one of the cutest dresses I saw today! Especially with the teal bow belt!

Just love the colors and that pattern!

I am in desperate need of these cute pleated shorts!

You know me, I love me some blush pink and even more a texture rich skirt!

Love this little romper! As well as the shirt/dress next to it! 🙂

Next we all headed into our favorite shop in Flagstaff, The Basement Marketplace. I put together this mint and red outfit for Brijae. Love mint and red! Even added a purple bandeau for another color in the mix.

Loving this purse and the color combo!

This fabric was so soft, and had the cutest eyelet lace design around the hem. Perfect for summer with a flowy white top!

i could totally picture this adorable lace skirt with a colorful top and some hairpiece action!

I was having so much fun, I forgot to take some more pictures. But pretty much everything in this store was just beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed this Flagstaffy post! Thanks for reading and please share!

❤ Amy

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