Friendship Friday: Wonderful World of…….

So there are always those people who stand out in the fashion world, for wearing what they want and not caring. Although a lot of these outfits end up being statements and not really wearable, they rock the outlandish look and make it look like it’s the next big thing. Now I don’t know when dresses made up of meat will ever come up again in fashion, but Lady Gaga has her own style, and rocks it! Before you start, I am not going Gaga for this weeks Friendship Friday, but rather a bit further north to Iceland and the wonderful world of Björk.

She has such an eccentric style, that does not quite appeal to my everyday looks, but I totally admire her individualism, and originality. There are very few people in the everyday world, who would wear crazy and bold things like her, without caring about who designed it, how much it cost, or what other people think. So here is to Björk, and what fashion is all about! Expressing YOU and YOUR style, and not conforming to what everyone else is wearing. Enjoy!

// From Elle Magazine: Influential Style Icons// 

//From Interview Magazine//

//From Disco Naivete//

//Interview with Björk from Brooklyn Vegan//

//From Interview Magazine//

Lots of Love

❤ Amy


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