Musically Inclined

So here is the scoop. I have spent the last couple of days scouring for just the perfect outfit to post with this more than perfect song. I saw Nick and Liesl at a small bar/cafe in Zurich, and loved their style! The following items just flow great with this song! From hair to clothes to jewelry… love all of this!

//Rodarte Hair Tutorial from Cotton Candy//

//Cotton Field Dress from Spool No. 72//

ps. LOVE THIS STORE!!! Cannot believe I found this just now!

//leather boho wrap bracelet from Tenthings//

 I found some really cool bohemian inspired looks from Tenthings on Etsy 😀

//Adorable everything! found on

//French kiss dress from 9 Family Affairs//

//Beautiful outfit found on Late Afternoon//

Such a cool blog! Love the style!

Have a great day thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Amy

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