In the name of all things colorful

Are you stuck in the dreary daze of blacks, whites and neutrals? It’s ok, there is help. Some people are scared to wear color in fear of looking like this….

 and rightly so….. 🙂

There are ways to embrace the vibrancy of color, without going totally Rainbow Bright. I love to pair color with neutrals like black, grey, and of course denim. For example, this outfit, which I absolutely adore……

She has just the right amount of color with a neutral like denim chambray shirt to mellow out the green. And of course adding the stripes helps add even more depth. Now say you were to pair this skirt with a crisp white shirt. Still cute, but portrays a totally different look, a little too preppy for my taste. PS the nude shoes just top it all off. Love it! Would be a super easy way to introduce color into your wardrobe.

Now this next outfit is not for beginners with color. It is a mixture of vibrant colors and a bold print, a hard thing to get just right.

Leopard print is a favorite of mine, due to its ease of fitting in with colors. It is a wild print that used to be considered gaudy. Now, when paired with the right equally vibrant colors it comes out just perfectly. Head to this blog, and she tells you where she got each piece. for once I have actually heard of all the stores!  Kendi Everyday

Now for the masters of the colored wardrobe. You would go full out, with color that turns heads, and lights up rooms like in this next outfit. She used the brown purse, to neutralize a little bit. love it!

This blog Atlantic-Pacific has some amazing posts with some adorable looks! Like these next two!

Dark everything, and then a pop of coordinating color. LOVE.

And this…..

Check her out, love her style!

Here are a few more colorful looks that I love from this awesome blog Gal meets Glam…might be addicted. 😉

Love the combo with the sequined clutch

Color doesn’t have to always be bright and in your face.

Who said orange and blue don’t go well together??

And again, neutral with color and print. Simple and perfect!

Ok. Lots of color I know, but it’s for the best! Go brighten up your wardrobe!

Ciao Ciao!

❤ Amy


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