european love

Having gotten the opportunity to live and breathe the European style, I noticed many a’ things about their sense of style and poise. One day while visiting the Swiss Capital in the Fall, some friends and I got sucked into a game of life-chess. With my amazing skills and knowledge in this game, I lasted about 10 minuets before I recruited my friend Pietro to take over for me, so I could take pictures. What I love about these two boys is their style. OK I will admit they are both studying business/law, so they know how they have to dress, but come on! I wish I would see more  guys dress like this in the states! Take a look 🙂

This is Pietro from Italy. To start: I love this coat. It has an old world traditional feel to it, while still keeping modern. This style of wool coat was something I saw a lot of in Europe.

This is Stephan from Austria. I just love his effortless classic look. You can tell by looking at this wonderful combination, that thought went into this outfit, and how it would be percieved by others. The color combination was the perfect mixture of neutral and blue. 🙂

Here are some more pictures to enjoy. Next to these two I felt like the most style challenged one of them all!

Love the glasses

That’s the European Love I can handle for the night. Till next time!

❤ Amy


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